How communism didnt work

I think that it did not work but the USA did help some

When communism fist become a thing

Ok how communism became a thing it all happen in the Cold War in 1940 when the USA and the Soviet Union had a war and then we get to the Vietnam war the Vietnam however,wanted self-rule for their country the first indochina war began and oh chi Minh and his Vietnam Minh nationalist and communist forces in Vietnam, defeated the French at dine bien Phu in 1954.


How it is not good

I think that communism is the most bad idea ever maybe some people do not want to be = we'll u can see why the poor want to be communism but communism the poor get the same as ever one that what communism is well one thing I do not like is that as hard as you try if you are communism u we'll get pay as much money as the people that did not try as hard as you did and some people do not like communism but the government want to

The Korean War

The first year of the Korean War on June 25 1950' general chai ung chai communist divisions from north Korea invaded south Korea over six routes north Korea wanted to unite all of Korea under communism rule in less then a week the capital of south seoul,fell to North Korean forces the united natives and the united states sided with South Korea by August of 1950 South Korean and the u.s troops ,organized under the untitled nations had withdrawn to the Pusan perimeter in the south. By the end of August ,all UN forces (which were mostly American ,but also came form countries such as Ethiopia turkey, Britain, France,and the Philippines) were in the Pusan perimeter.
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Communism in china

In terms of Mao zedong and the great leap forward the cultural revolution in tianarimen square that is when he kill all them people for not wanting to be communist
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And all this is why I do not like communist and this is why I thing it did not work out because it still got to all them 5 country

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This is tank man he

Tank man

Tank man is a good man he did not want communist he did not like it one bit so that what he did I think he did a good thing
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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the nationwide, student-led democracy movement in China, and the subsequent June 4th military crackdown in Beijing. To commemorate the student movement, CDT is posting a series of original news articles from 1989, beginning with the death of Hu Yaobang on April 15 and continuing through the tumultuous spring. The full series can be read here.