Warsaw Times

Local Warsaw News, December 1939


He's small, he's fast, and he'll snatch your bread right out of your hands. He's got bright blue hair and a yellow stone around his neck. Some people have reported that when they called him a "dirty little Jew", he stopped in his tracks and replied with "I'm not a Jew, I'm gypsie!" or "Misha Pilsudski is my name!". He's young and scrawny, looks to be around 7 or 8. He's got allies, too. Red headed pickle snatchers and one armed thieves run among the city along with him, grabbing whatever they can get their hands on. So hold on to your belongings and watch out for little gypsie thieves!
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Underground Trade of Warsaw

Misha Pilsudski, a little gypsy boy that has come up with kind of partnership with a seven year old girl that is named, Janina Milgrom. This "friendship" is built on one thing, and one thing alone, which is an underground trade network between these two children.

This trade network was first started when Misha decided to bring some of his stolen bread to Janina as kind of a way to help her and her family through the oppression of the Nazi's. Then when Misha returned he would find a gift, such as a little glass dog, or a ribbon, or just something he should keep for himself.