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Appetizer: Physical Feature


Physical Feature:

River Thames:

River Thames is a river near London, UK that helps provide 90% of London’s drinking water. Power Stations along the Thames take cold water from the Thames and return most of it after use. The water is used to cool the machines. Angling (fishing) is arguably Britain's most popular sport.The River Thames is home to some 120 fish

species. In the non-tidal Thames, Roach, Chub, Perch, Pike and Bream can all be found along the whole of the river. Motorboats are common on the Thames. There are also rowers and canoeists making good use of the river. In the non-tidal Thames, canal boats are a common.

The long distance footpath along the Thames open up the riverbank to walkers. This river has been used for many things like tourism, for years. The Thames River has helped shape London to what it is, now.