Large Whale Small Population

By Saul Lopez-Palafox

Save The Whales!

Japan was one of the few country's that made the kind and good choice of having their citizens stop hunting whales in the southern ocean. Whales are some of the largest animals in the world but their population is getting smaller and smaller by the year, in twenty five years the Japanese citizens hunted 10,000 whales. In fact many types of whale kinds where lowering so much that their populations where in danger of extinction. Some county's still haven't agreed to stop whale hunting because they thought it was unnecessary but still no country's have hunted as much as Japan did before.

Long Live The Whales!

Still Tolerated

Whaling is still tolerated but only for two reasons. One of them is for the native tribe Aboriginal which rely on whale meat for a good source of food and an aspect of their country. And the second is for science. People do capture and kill whales to study them to know more about them. Some people believe that people kill to many whales for science and that studying can be done on living animals instead of killing them and they call it more than necessary. After the Japanese agreed to stop hunting whales in the southern ocean many people where not happy at the judges decision and say that some of the whales they where hunting are not endangered and should still be hunted. As a matter of fact this law dose not cover other animals in the whale family such as dolphins and porpoises so for now the hunting is still tolerated.
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