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September 22, 2017

Events to Remember

Join Bransford's PTA

Our PTA is one of only eleven PTA organizations in Texas that was recently recognized for having a PTA member for every student enrolled at Bransford! We need 35 more members to reach this goal again this year! If you would like to join B.E.S.T. PTA, visit

Every Friday of the School Year is a Bransford Spirit Day

Please encourage your child to wear a Bransford shirt or a mix of red, white and blue on Fridays.

Sept. 29

Laps for Learning!

Running laps takes place Friday, Sept. 29th! Kindergarten will begin running at 8:30 a.m. We hope to see you there to cheer us on! Donations are being collected through the following week.

Thank You for Coming!

It was so nice to see our parent's on Thursday night at the Bransford Experience. We are so very proud of our kindergartners demonstrating "Actors Toolbox". They all did an excellent job. We are so excited about integrating Fine Arts into our curriculum.


Students are expected to be able to recognize and identify 20 uppercase letters and 20 lowercase letters by Oct. 20th.

Here are some activities for you to do at home to help your child try to make sense of letters and the sounds they make. It's very important that students feel confident with these letters and sounds as we guide them to put letters and sounds together to make words. Therefore, we need your help at home to help your child be as successful as possible. Here are a few suggestions to practice letter identification and sound recognition:

  1. Buy a normal set of letter flashcards. You can keep them loose or hold them together with a binder ring. Let your child pick 5 -10 letters out of order (like Q, R, M, A...). Mix lowercase letters in with capitals. Work with your child to be able to recognize each letter and give the sounds as fast as you can turn over the cards. When they are consistently able to give the sound and tell the letter's name, have them look for those letters in some of their reading books as well. Once they are successful with a letter on a consistent basis, let them place a sticker on that card and set it aside on a different binder ring. Add a new card into the deck for each one taken out. Don't ignore the finished cards, though; practice them regularly. These binder rings are fun to take in the car or keep in your purse for doctor visits, etc. Try timing your child and challenging him/her to beat their last time.
  2. Play a mystery word game. Name something that starts with the first letter of your child's name and ask them what the first sound is in the word. Have your child point to the letter on a chart and write it down. Do all of the letters in their name and then let them discover what they've spelled. You can play this game with Snap Words, too.
  3. As you're running errands, let your child look for examples of each letter in signs along the roads. Make your child responsible for their search. Have them write the alphabet on a piece of paper and cross out the letters as they are found.
  4. Let your child be the teacher and show you flashcards or give you sounds. Make sure to miss some so the child can catch the mistake and correct you.
  5. Try changing up the alphabet song and singing the letter sounds instead of their names. It helps to have an alphabet chart in front of you because this is harder than it sounds.
  6. Name a letter anywhere in the alphabet and have your child finish it all the way to Z.
  7. There are lots of appropriate free apps out for practicing letters and the sounds they represent. Try: or the Magnetic Alphabet app.

Tune in to your child's learning style because every child learns differently. Try a variety of approaches to see which ones work best. Remember, "skill-and-drill" may not be your child's preferred way to learn. Make learning a game!

Water bottles

Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to class and keep it in a teacher designated spot. Please check the water bottle ahead of time to make sure it has no leaks. Water bottles that have a pull up and push down cap to access the water will help control accidental spills. If you plan to put ice in it, please make sure it will not form condensation on the outside of the bottle because paper, wood and carpet absorb water quickly! We do ask that water bottles are taken home daily and cleaned. Please remind your child that their water bottle belongs to them and drinks may not be offered to other students.

Laps for Learning

Get Ready for Laps for Learning on Friday, September 29th! This is our school's largest fundraiser, and we need volunteers to help us achieve a successful event! Students will be collecting donations and turning them in each day leading up to September 29th. At the event, students will run laps to raise money for our school. It is a tremendous event promoting health and fitness as well as supporting BES!

If you cannot volunteer, you are still welcome to watch and cheer on the runners! It's a very fun day for our students. Please support this event in any way you can!

Here is the link at Sign Up Genius for Bransford Elementary's Laps for Learning event:

Information about this event was sent home in your child's take-home folder on Friday, Sept. 15th. Incentives are in place for individuals and classes. Please review the information as donations (cash or checks made payable to BES PTA) may be sent in the envelope attached to the informational flyer. Donations can be made online, too. You can register your child by visiting The 1st three classes to reach 100% online registration will earn an ice cream party! At the moment, a kindergarten class leads the way toward accomplishing this goal. Hopefully, one of our kinder classes will earn the ice cream party! Your help with achieving this goal is appreciated. This means every student in a classroom needs to be registered online. Remember, the funds raised will support student enrichment, field trips, technology and classroom supplies. This year, PTA's goal is to raise enough funds to create a musical playground!

Remember your library book!

Students visit the school library once a week at their scheduled time. Students get to check out a new book every time their library book is brought back. If a book is left at home on your child's library day, he/she will keep it until the following week. Please help your child get into the habit of mind with remembering to bring back their library book. Students really enjoy selecting a good book to read and share with you at home.

Mrs. Hendry's class and Mrs. Romo's class go to the library on Tuesdays.

Ms. Allenbaugh's class and Mrs. Ryan's class go to the library on Wednesdays.

Math Number Sense

We are in the process of establishing a strong number sense foundation in order to be able to understand the how:

  • We use numbers every day.
  • Numbers are related to each other through a variety of number relationships.
  • Counting tells how many things are in a set.
  • When counting a set of objects, the last word in the counting sequence names the quantity for that set. This is called cardinality.
  • A number can be represented by a set of objects, then by a word, and finally by a numeral.
  • Counting objects in a different order does not change the quantity.

Here are some of the math expectations for this grading period:

  • When counting objects say the number names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one number name and each number name with one and only one object to 10 (or beyond).
  • Count backward with and without objects from 10 (or 20).
  • Write numbers from 0-10 (or beyond) correctly.
  • Represent a number of objects with a written numeral to 10 with 0 representing a count of no objects (for example, given a set of 5 objects, students write the numeral “5”).
  • Read numerals from 0 to 10 (not words).
  • Build a set of objects to represent a numeral.
  • Recognize sets less than 5 quickly without counting in a random or organized configuration (ten frame, dice, etc.).
  • Build a set equal to, more than or less than a given set.
  • Draw a set equal to, more than or less than a given set.
  • Name the number that is one more/one less than a given number (up to 10).
  • When looking at two written numerals, identify which one is greater than, less than or the same.
  • Count as high as possible (expected to count to 50 right now and 100 by the end of the year).
  • Count on starting with any given number.
  • Use the pattern of numbers to find out the next number in a sequence.

We Appreciate our Classroom Super Hero Parent Volunteers!!

We are blessed with the assistance we get from our wonderful parents and room moms. ALL of you are Super Heroes to us! Many of the activities we participate in are thanks to our PTA and the organization of the Grade Level Coordinator. This year our Super Hero Coordinator is Stacee Nordell ( If you have not received an email from her, please send her your email address ASAP. She will be ordering our class shirts very soon so, if you haven't done it already, make sure you send in your child's shirt size. PTA is asking for a $25 class donation to help cover the cost of t-shirts and various classroom events.

Our Room Moms are also Super Heroes. Here they are:

Ms. Allenbaugh

Andrea Watson -

Mrs. Hendry

Tanya Rozycki -

Mrs. Romo

Abbey Zwierstra -

Mrs. Ryan

Tonia Medenwald -

Feel free to ask questions of your child's Room Mom, if needed.

Every one of our parents is a Super Hero Volunteer. Thank you for reading, writing, counting and investigating with your child, for reinforcing the school's rules at home and for encouraging your child to continue to become independent.

Bransford Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Allenbaugh

Mrs. Hendry

Mrs. Romo

Mrs. Ryan