what if it runs out?


In 2016 oil factorys will race to find oil. It's been hard to find oil in the past 5 years.Oil provides about 98% of motorized vehicles.


america has a quarter of the worlds people and most of the worlds oil.Many of the worlds truck companys are stopping because of the price of oil.

In 2016 many Americans will struggle to get oil.People will start to steal oil from other people.In 2016 people will pay $160.00 a barrel.In 2016 people will have car lines for oil people will have fist fights because of budging in oil lines.

bp oil spill

The amount of oil found Louisianan's coast surged this year. Bp's spill in u.s. Gulf Of Mexico states Protection Restoration Authority said 3.01 million pounds of oily material cleaned up in Louisianans coast March to august in a year 119,894 pounds.


some last year compact the state department of

natural resources website.BP its tally showed 3.7 million oily derbisin the first 9 months from 941,000 pounds.

On day 3 the deep water horizon sinks to the bottom.Southeastern pipe line connected to the BP.


It is estimated that the world uses 88 million barrels a day. Scientist use a technique called seismology with this technique scientist send shock waves through earths rock layers.The waves pass through different substances at varying speeds then reflect back to the earths surface

The drill bit is the tool on the bottom of the drill string that is rotated to drill a well . A common tricone drill bit has 3 steel cones that rotate on bearings.Hard teeth on the cones chip and flake the rock.

By Jaxon And Trent