Teacher Leadership Academy

Exploring the IF/Coaching Role

Good afternoon! Please sit with teachers from other schools. You'll definitely want to hear other perspectives today!

As you come in...Chart Splash

Record a short summary of your IF's answers to each of the 5 interview questions on the charts posted.

Learning Targets

  • I can fully understand what the role of a teacher coach (IF, BLC, etc.) entails.
  • I can more clearly define my own professional goals.

The FOCUS for today: Moving out of the classroom into a coaching role.

The Role of the IF

  • Video - "What the IF role is like..."
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Small group discussion about the IF role
  • Whole group share out

Rewarding and Challenging

Work with your group to create a presentation that represents the challenges and rewards of the IF role. You can use technology, chart paper, whiteboards, etc.

Reflecting on the IF role