Krista Mccabe


Tired of never being able to find a good book. Well if you love realistic fiction this may be the book for you. Do you remember being a teen? Caring about what everyone thought? Well imagine trying to take care of 4 siblings at 12 with another one on the way in addition to trying to hide the fact your dads a drunk; and the only person that knows is your best friend who stated hanging out with the popular girl this summer instead of you.

This is the problem Aislinn faces over the summer. Along with being in love with a guy from school that she can only see during the party her best friend invited her to. But what happens when Aislinn snaps at the popular girl for being a show off and is uninvited. Just then when you think there is no hope her best friend tells the popular girl about her dads problems and she gets a pity re-invite to the party. Embarrassed and worried the popular girl will tell everyone what will she do? What will happen??? Not just at the party but with the new baby, her dads drinking, her mom and dad’s fights?

Book recommedation

for those who like reading realistic books.