Mountain Lion Minute

Week of March 29th

Hello Mountain Lion Families,

Happy Passover and Happy Holi to those families observing those holiday's this week/ weekend. I'd also like to wish a Happy Easter to those families observing that holiday next weekend.

As you know by now, the NPSD Board of School Directors voted unanimously to revise the NPSD Health and Safety Plan. The change outlines that NPSD will continue to utilize health and safety mitigation measures while social distancing to the greatest extent possible. As NPSD processes requests to return to in person instruction, we will continue to maintain six feet of social distancing to the greatest extent possible, however in some classrooms students may be seated at a distance between three and six feet. The six foot guideline will remain in place in the cafeteria when students are unmasked to eat. I have contacted the families of classrooms where social distancing will be less than 6 feet moving forward. As always, please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Have a happy, healthy and safe spring break!

Week(s) Ahead

Week of March 29th

Monday, 3/29 Hybrid 1

Tuesday, 3/30. Hybrid 2

Wednesday, 3/31- No School (Spring Break)

Thursday, 4/1- No School (Spring Break)

Friday, 4/2- No School (Spring Break)

Week of April 5th

Monday, 4/5- No School (Spring Break)

Tuesday, 4/6- Hybrid 2

Wednesday 4/7- Hybrid 1

Thursday, 4/8- Hybrid 2

*Friday, 4/9- (Hybrid 1- 1:30PM Dismissal)

* LAST DAY OF SCHOOL- June 14th *

Montgomery Fun Run

We’re only 2 weeks away from our Montgomery Fun Run! Pledging is officially OPEN on! Our goal is to raise $20,000 for Home and School funded field trips, books, social events, teacher and student supplies, technology, and more!

Here is a quick video overview of our fundraising program.

Also, here are a few things to know about this important fundraiser:

    • All families can support our school by either donating, sharing on, or both Students can receive rewards when parents share from
    • All students get to participate in the Event day, regardless of financial participation
    • This fundraiser comes with an incredible character development program for students where they’ll be learning about the importance of teamwork, care, courage, grit and celebration

We are working hard to make this fundraiser safe, fun, and successful for everyone!

Key dates to remember:

  • Donating Opens - TODAY!

Register on FUNRUN.COM, SHARE, & GIVE!

  • Fundraiser Kick Off - 4/6
  • Event Day - 4/14 & 4/15

Thank you for working with us to make our school stronger. We are grateful for your support!

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Holi- submitted by the Mantri Family


Holi is an Indian festival that celebrates the end of winter, and the start of spring. It is also called the Festival of Colors.

The festival is celebrated over two days. On the first night people celebrate in front of a bonfire by performing some religious ceremonies. The bonfire symbolises the burning of all bad and evil.

On the second day people celebrate with colors. Some people also use water guns and water filled balloons to play Holi.

After playing with colors, everyone gathers together, and has delicious sweets and food. There is also music and dancing.

Around Montgomery County, there are various places where Holi is celebrated, one being the Bharatiya Temple on County Line road. People gather together, and smear color on each other. It is a fun and joyous occasion that people look forward to the whole year.

Pre-Covid-19, we used to meet with family and friends to celebrate Holi together using environment friendly washable colors. We cannot wait for the pandemic to be over, and meet with friends and family to celebrate Holi again. Maybe after this pandemic is over, we can have a bonfire to celebrate the start of a new beginning.

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Mrs. Denise Ricci

"We are so fortunate to have Denise Ricci supporting us all in the reading world! Denise has been a part of our Montgomery family as a reading specialist, and she has supported our building throughout numerous new initiatives as we grow as teachers of literacy. She is passionate about helping her students, and is constantly monitoring and adjusting her instruction to best meet each of their needs. Denise is also an extremely supportive co-worker. She is always available to listen to you and provide support and suggestions for any issue.

Outside of school, Denise has two boys named Anthony and Nathan. Her summer days are filled with spending time with her family, camping adventures, bike rides, and trips to the beach. Denise is also an amazing athlete! She has competed in numerous different triathlons, duathlons, and races. She has competed in the Ironman triathlon and most recently completed the 2020 Run The Year Challenge where she ran a total of 2020 miles for the year!

Thank you Denise for being an amazing teacher and friend!"

Miss Bridget Bucker

"Bridget Bucker is the Mountain Lion of the Week, and let me tell you why! If you need a teaching professional who can come up with creative ideas that encompasess the learner as a whole, she will totally help you. She will help you and as a team, she will work alongside you. This year she has been a very important team player on the Second Grade Team. Miss Bucker has a passion for her career and you can see it in the eyes of her students. Her second graders love to come to school everyday because Miss Bucker makes learning fun and meaningful. She can turn any lesson into a dance party, special craft, or themed day. She does this to make a fabulous experience for all! In previous years at Montgomery, Miss Bucker showed her flexibility in this profession as a co-teacher for Kindergarten, First Grade and also Second Grade. Over the many years she has been here, Miss Bucker has always needed to show flexibility. She has worked with many teachers on a daily basis as well as many students. She is an incredible team player always achieving greatness for her students. If you have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with Bridget Bucker, you know her passion and drive to get jobs done! She is someone to rely on, she is a great educator and friend. When Miss Bucker is not busy with school, you can find her on the beach, out with friends and family, or even just relaxing at home. Bridget loves the beach. It is a great getaway to just relax, sail out at sea, and even just sit and smell the fresh ocean air with family and friends. We know the beach is like her second home, and sunshine is perfect when she is there with the people she loves most. Bridget is very close with her family. She has a great relationship with them and it is wonderful that her parents live so close by. From trips to the beach, shopping, and special lunches and dinners, she could tell you a million stories and tons of memories about the fun she has with her loving family. Montgomery Elementary is very fortunate to have an educator with such passion and dedication like Miss Bucker. This is why she is The Mountain Lion of the Week!"
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Home & School Leadership

Emily Kline - President

(c) 912-308-5808

Marci Ramos - 1st Vice President
(c) 610-405-6619

Katie Hersh - 2nd Vice President

(c) 267-984-8633
kathryn.hersh@icloud.comOpening in a new window

Deb Dancer - Vice President of Ways and Means

(c) 215-485-3564

Michelle Judge – Treasurer
(c) 267-227-8556
michelle.m.judge@gmail.comOpening in a new window

Jayme Maitz - Secretary

(c) 215-880-7565

Montgomery Elementary School

Mr. TJ Seidenberger, Principal

Mrs. Lorraine Oliver, Principal's Secretary

Mrs. Beth Faia, Building Secretary

Mrs. Toby Sterling, Counselor

Mr. John DeSimone, SCC