The Silent Barter

By- Katy S.

Silent Barter... What?

Barter means an exchange of goods not involving money.

In case you didn't know, silent means absolutely quiet.

So together, it means; A quiet exchange of goods.

The Silent Barter was a great way to trade. One reason was you didn't have to talk so if you spoke a different language than the person you're trading with you can still trade! Another reason why it's awesome is let's say all your food at home was bland and gross but you had tons and tons of gold at home. So you get salt for gold and BAM! Great food! ... Well I mean it tastes much better...

How you traded with people was simple:

1) Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream with all of your merch until you meet someone half way, ready to trade.

2) Remember this is a silent barter so you would turn away from the person you're trading with, they would offer you something, and you would turn around and offer something back once the dude you're trading with makes a sign that he's done. It's like a card game; Y'all take turns.

3) Eventually silently agree on something and then you exchange

4) You leave with your salt or gold and possibly go trade with someone else.

So... Where was this thing again...?