Come to Texas

Kellie Murdoch


G.T.T meaning "Gone to Texas." Colonists come to Texas for adventure, escape, and others were attracted by the inexpensive land. "Come to Texas."

Land policy

1. Farmers receive 177 acres

2. Cattle raisers receive 4,428 acres

3. Some settlers receive both 177 acres and 4,428 acres


In the United States land costs $1.25 per acre, but in Texas land only costs 12.5 cents per acre. Now which one sounds better?


When moving to Texas you must become a Mexican citizen and become Catholic. Also before coming to Texas you must be able to follow all the laws.

Land in Texas

For all cattle raisers and farmers coming to Texas, you're in luck, we have ferdal soil for growing crops and feeding cattle.

Bodies of water, wells, and rivers near by provide water for crops and cattle.

Mild climate is also a good quality that Texas has.