By: Alex Miller


1) Mesopotamia was located in the fertile Cresent. The names of the two rivers that it lie between is the Tigris and the Euphrates. And Mesopotamia means-Between the rivers.

3) The climate in Mesopotamia is hot but very rainy.

4) The present day country is Baghdad, Iraq.

5) It is 7113.19 miles from Elm City NC to Baghdad, Iraq


1) The first ones was the Akkadians, and then came the Hammurabi's, and then the Hittites, and then the Kassites.

2) The requirements of a civilization is 1-Urban culture, 2-New politicial and military structure.3- Social structure based on economic power4- Development of writing.

3) The importance of Hammurabi laws was so if you did something bad you would be punished.

4) 1- If he hold the slaves in his house, and they are caught there, he shall be put to death.2- If any one be too lazy to keep his dam in proper condition, and does not so keep it; if then the dam break and all the fields be flooded, then shall he in whose dam the break occurred be sold for money, and the money shall replace the corn which he has caused to be ruined.3- If a slave say to his master: "You are not my master," if they convict him his master shall cut off his ear.4- If a "sister of a god" open a tavern, or enter a tavern to drink, then shall this woman be burned to death.5- If any one strike the body of a man higher in rank than

he, he shall receive sixty blows with an ox-whip in public.

5) Gilgamesh is one of the oldest recorded stories in the world. It's about an ancient King of Uruk who may have actually existed and whose name - Gilgamesh - is on the Sumerian King List.


1) They farmed by planting the seeds beside the canals that they built and the seeds grew.