Did you know you're my hero?

Alexis Greene

Just one? Can't.

During my senior year, there are so many people in my life that made a difference. The people in my family are my greatest supporters. My mom is my hero; she is my everything and more. There are no words to describe my dad. My Aunt Trisha is my role model leading me into the path of teaching. She is a teacher at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School and has taught me so much about the classroom and what to expect. My cousin is one my biggest cheerleaders, always looking up to me for advice, tutoring her in school, and telling her what she should expect in high school. My nana has always been the motivator. She has motivated me to do scholarship after scholarship.

My mom and Virginia Wesleyan College

My mom has done everything for me regarding my college, keeping me motivated to do scholarships, and financial aid. She has been to Virginia Wesleyan more than I have. She is my hero more than anyone else. She has helped me with financial aid going to the financial aid office and working with them for me to go to my number one college.
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Wind Beneath My Wings - Gladys Knight & The Pips