Social Justice League


A Book Club for Triangle-Area Educators

We are a group of teachers from various schools in the Triangle Area, NC. We feel that there should be a space for educators to talk about important issues in education, outside of the boundaries of their own schools. Through this book club, we hope to create a network of educators that can engage in critical conversations about education and work together toward social justice and equity for our students.

What to Expect

We plan to meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to discuss books that address important issues in education. We will hold small and large group discussions about the book, and hope to bring in some speakers and educational leaders to share their views. We will be creating a framework for discussion, but encourage teachers to add to the conversation throughout the month by posting additional discussion questions, as well as related videos, images, stories, and experiences to our Twitter page.

First Book Club Discussion

Saturday, May 21st, 3pm

752 Martin luther King Junior Boulevard

Chapel Hill, NC

Social Justice League: Teacher Book Club

First Book: "Teaching Toward Freedom" by William Ayers

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Please let us know if you can attend: