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Written By: Kylie Orr

Death Penalty is it too Harsh?

The death penalty is only legal in 32 states. Why is that? The motto: an eye for an eye is that too harsh or is it the perfect punishment.

Recently a mother and her boyfriend beat her two year old baby girl, Kinsley; not only did they beat her they murdered that innocent baby girl. What could she have possibly done to deserve that? Kinsley was loved by her father and many other family members. When her “mother” and her “mother’s” boyfriend were being arraigned the court room was pack. Could you think of what exactly these two devious people were charged with? The mother was only charged with permitting child abuse. This mother let her child get beat by a man that was said to love her. If that man loved, Rebecca Kinner, he would have not beaten her own blood and only daughter to death. The mother’s boyfriend was charged with the felony of murder. This man beat an innocent two year old baby girl to death and he only gets charged with murder.

This is where the death penalty should be adopted in every state. Yes, some murders can be “accidental” but beating a two year old, that was intentional. This man has a problem. Putting him in prison will drive him up a wall. So should he facing the death penalty to just put him out of his misery. The death penalty is said to be only used for the most heinous crimes, such as a capital offense. When people go to prison we pay money for them to be there. In one state there was $9.6 billion spent on a prison rather than education. Should we be spending money on people who have committed murder and many other crimes or worried about the education in our state?

May sound harsh but depending on exactly what crime they committed such as murdering a little girl I feel the death penalty should be enforced. The man knew exactly what he was doing and he still did it. So say our state pays $7.8 billion on the prison this man goes to for him to get out of prison and just do that to the next hopeless little girl.
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Stop the Cyber Bullying

No matter where you are or who you are the act of cyber bully is occurring. Most people don’t take cyber bullying serious but why not? Cyber bullying can have the same effect as bullying in school and the number one problem is suicide. Cyber bullying doesn’t always start on the internet.

Jessica Logan was a senior in high school at that time she had a boyfriend. Doing what most teen couples think of doing or have done, she was sexting her boyfriend and sent him a nude. After they broke up her boyfriend sent her photo to everyone. For months she was being bullied in school. Her grades started to slip she started ditching school to avoid anyone who had saw her picture. Jessica took her story to the news and she then went to a funeral of a boy who committed suicide a little after she went to the news. That day she committed suicide herself.

Some guy wanted to ruin her life that bad. He did more than ruin it; he basically took away her pride, dignity and her life. Cyber bullying can start anywhere such as a relationship. It doesn’t have to be back and forth on the computer. It could be exposure. The definition of cyber bullying is bullying that takes place using electronics. Jessica’s ex-boyfriend who sent the picture was the one was cyber bullying her which caused others to bullying her at school. How could such negativity have such a chain reaction? SAY NO TO ALL SORTS OF BULLYING. Favorite motto: treat people how YOU want to be treated.

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Battling in Family Court

Custody battles affect so much more than just the parents; it affects the kids. Most kids don’t have a say in where they get to go but there is something that could sway them towards their choice of parent. Some children can get an independent counsel if requested. But many courts feeling if the children have someone speaking for them the custodial trial will go much smoother.

When a child gets about the age 13 I feel they know what they want and what would be best for them. The court just has way too much power over the child where their opinion won’t be heard. This custody battle affects a child greatly.

Parents should stop and ask their selves is this battle good for my kid; instead of going crazy and fighting over a child who love both parents equally. If you’re the parent of a child and you are thinking of your child during a custody fight think of what is in their best interest. Come to an agreement with the other person. Switch it up. The kid stays with the one parent on the weekdays and the other on the weekends. No matter what you think as a parent that kid needs the both of you to love them, care for them, and be there for them in times of need.

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Legalizing gay marriage- is that such a bad thing? There are about 9 million American adults that are lesbian, gay, or bisexual. 19 million Americans said to have sexual relations with the same sex and then there are 25 million that said they had some sort of sexual attraction to the same sex. Not everyone who was engaged with the same sex is gay, lesbian, or bisexual things just happened.

The legalization of same sex marriage marked a turning point, in a positive way, in our nation. Our Constitution preached about equality. And when more people in our Nation starts to open their eyes and see that no matter who you love you’re the same person. Living in America has taught me a lot. There are so many people who worship god and his words that hate the thought of gay marriage or even gay people. For those of you who worship what God says read the New Testament Romans 1:26-27. Being heterosexual and being with the same sex sexually is a sin but being homosexual and being with the opposite sex is a sin.

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Student Opinion

Today I interviewed a well known student around the school, Krista Mills; I wanted her opinion on the topic: Texting and Driving. She said, “People shouldn’t text and live. It would be different if it was only their life on the life, but it isn’t. Other victims are affected too.” That was a very strong opinion on that topic. When I asked her, her opinion her facial expression changed completely.

I then asked her why her opinion was so strong. She told me that a friend of hers used to text and drive and even though that was her friend she still felt a certain way about her texting and driving. She told me that her life was once at risk in a car with that friend and ever since then she’s been very careful with who she gets in a car with.

So Newport High School what’s your opinion on the topic: Texting and Driving? Is your opinion that strong?

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