Malala Yousafzai

"When the world is silent even one voice becomes powerful."

Ziaddin Yousfazai

My father, Ziaddin Yousfazai, was a bright man who was also a speaker against Taliban. When his friend Zahid Khan was shot and killed he took extra caution knowing Taliban was killing family and friends who were close to him. He was born in 1969.

Toor Pekai

Toor Pekai was my mother. She cared for me very much. So much that she wouldn't even let me walk home from school on my own. She always wanted the best for me.

Her family

On the way to school a few men jumped on the bus then asked, "who is Malala?" And shot three bullets. They hit my friends and me. My friends said there was blood everywhere.

Edgbaston high school

This is the high school I go to

Nobel Peace Prize

I won the noble peace prize October 10th 2014.

Met the president

I met the Obama on October 10th 2014, the same day I won the Nobel Peace Prize.

"I said to myself `Malala you must be brave, you must not be afraid, you are only trying to get an education, you are not commiting a crime`". - malala yousafzai