Aspects of Religion


Beliefs is were you believe something is true

Myths and other stories

Myths can be a story that teach you a lesson like Noah's Ark even if you do the wrong thing by God he still believes in us and will still give us a chance to make good.

jewish myths like gold and silver tech people to respect god first with prayers first then all the money needs will come next.

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Sacred Texts

Sacred texts are very old or very important texts like the Bible.

Jewish sacred texts is called the Torah.

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a sermony that is done again and again for catholic it can by Sunday Mass.

For Jewish people there is a ritual of saying morning, afternoon and evening prayers.

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Symbols show that there is something special there crucifix.

A Jewish symbol is the star of David Star.

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socal structure

Like a pyramid of roles people fill in the church

Jewish socal structure is you got the Rabbi and Synagog community

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religious experienee and sprituality

unloking your iner spiret
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