Weekly Bulletin

~ Sept. 9-13 ~ Week 3~

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

KUDOS: Staff & Faculty Recognition

Two weeks down, 36 to go! The children are adjusting back to the routine of being learners, wonderful evidence is seen throughout the school/classrooms. Our teachers are focused and excited to welcome a new school year. Their lessons are intentional and focused on student learning - THANK YOU! This week, I began my daily walk-throughs and I must say that I was inspired by the intentionality of your lessons. Interested in seeing great scaffolding? Check in with Mr. Zucker! He modeled and provided concrete examples of metaphors as students were getting ready to write their "I am" poem. Mr. Zucker also engages students to see themselves as "young poets", which inspired the students to begin their drafts. His 1:1 CFU was also well done. If you need to observe him, just let me know & I will gladly cover your class! High levels of student engagement strategies happen as a result of well planning, in Ms. Parchia's & Mr. Reynoso's classroom environment engagement is the norm & not the exception. Want to see them in action? Just say the word & I will cover your classroom! Want to see more dynamic teaching? Ms. Perrone is video taping lesson studies with Dale. Mr. Pastrana's has a talent in finding strategies for overcoming inhibitions in target language interaction. His use of on-going TPR strategies & explicit use of the targeted language is a norm in his classroom!


  • Assembly Committee: Thank you Mr. Ellison & his team for organizing our second community assembly! Thank you Ms. Perrone for your recommendations to improve the quality of our assembly. Special thanks goes out to Mark & Priscilla for supporting Mr. Ellison with the power point & the music. What a great vision & the assembly turned out to be great!
  • Mark & Paul: Thank you for taking on the added responsibility of being the Admin Designees! The school was in great hands!
  • Mr. Marcel & Coach K: Thank you for maintaining the recess structures.
  • Jenny: Thank you for working so diligently with TK/K & 1st grade & getting us all set for our assessments.
  • Know of any shout outs? Please let me know, I would like to showcase it in our bulletin.



TK - August 26: ECERS 1, 2 & DRDP 1 opens



Grades 2-5: SRI 1

Grades K-1: DEBELS NEXT 1, scan by 9/27

CELDT Annual Testing

Have you ever been trained through the CELDT Moodle? This is a new way to get trained on-line. A link will be provided to all of our CELDT experienced teachers. Any teacher that is not familiar with CELDT will have a face-time training. Date: TBD.

9/3-9/20 - UPDATED

1-5: EDL 1

Ms. Tunney has surveyed the staff & it is a consensus that we will be using last May's assessment results. She is working on creating a spreadsheet to track our students' growth.

1-3: DRA 1

A sub will be available from Sept. 9-13 to support teachers while they test their students. Ms. Tunney is coordinating this task. Please see her for support.



In order to maintain an environment free of distractions and altercations, I am asking you to enforce the policy of NO POKEMON CARDS on campus. This week, we had students arguing during recess about these cards & lining up late because they were playing.

Uniform Policy

•Students are expected to wear their uniform EVERYDAY. There is no FREE DRESS FRIDAYS.

•Classrooms will earn the privilege to NOT wear a uniform on Fridays.

•We will develop a system that will track your classroom, we welcome recommendations.

•Red or white shirts - ONLY


In order to keep a safe recess environment& use our time in learning

•K-2nd: Freeze, Kneel/squad, walk, line-up

•3rd-5th: Freeze, walk, line-up

Parent Concerns: SEED has a strict policy that when parents have a concern with the teacher, the principal will direct the parent to meet with the teacher prior to interfering. Beatrice will NOT meet with the parent unless a mediation is needed between teacher & parent.

How do we create a culture of trust & respect at SEED?

Big image

OEA MEETING - 1st Working Monday of each month!

Monday, Sep. 9th 2013 at 3-4pm

2409 E 27th St

Oakland, CA

Our staff meeting has been moved to Monday, Sept. 16th so that site rep can meet & discuss OEA business.

CHANGE!!! Staff Meeting - Location: Mr. Reynoso's Classroom

Monday, Sep. 16th 2013 at 3-4pm

2409 E 27th St

Oakland, CA

Staff Meeting Agenda:

I. Wellness Champions (10 min.)

II. SSTs & COST (20 min.)

III. Family Engagement & Equity (20 min.)

IV. Norms -grade level collaboration & meeting (5 min.)

V. Appreciations & Needs (5 min.)


More information to come...

September 11th

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Grade Level Collaboration


Students Discuss the Power of Learning Targets

Students Discuss the Power of Learning Targets

The Highly Engaged Classroom - Robert Marzano

OUSD Inquiry-Based Content Units

These units take 6 weeks or longer

1. Learning is driven by essential questions that are directly connected to key concepts (big ideas) and standards (CCSS, NGSS, etc.), e.g. Why are trees important?

2. Units promote in-depth learning through an ongoing process of inquiry organized and facilitated by the teacher

3. All projects/summative tasks:

  • result in a final product or performance
  • demonstrate student learning and often have an authentic purpose and audience
  • focus on skill and revision, leading to craftsmanship and quality
  • long-term, supporting, and lesson targets are backwards planned from the summative task

4. Literacy, and numeracy when possible, are intentionally woven into the unit using critical components of a balanced approach to literacy including Reading & Writing Workshop.

5. Students become experts through a blend of adequate support and high challenge, direct instruction, experimentation, workshops, academic discussions, various engagement strategies and facilitation.

Want support implementing this Inquiry Based Content Unit? Ms. Perrone & Dale Rogers are wonderful resources.

Oakland Unified was approved for the waiver, so now what?

All OUSD schools will be measured by the School Score Card. The School Quality Improvement Goals initiated in 2012-2013 based on the Strategic Plan:

Populated Metrics

1. Reducing Chronic Absences (reduce from 11% to 10%)

2. Reducing Suspension Rates (reduce African American suspensions from 1.8%)

3. Increase Participation in Common Core

4. SRI Participation & Performance (3rd assessment from 93.5% to 98%)

5. Participation & Performance on Math Benchmarks (2nd assessment from 94.28% to 98%)

6. Participation & Performance on SWT (1st assessment 98% to 100%)


Grade-Level Bulletin

Sending your grade-level bulletin home?

Past practice at SEED is to post the grade-level parent bulletin in the front office. I encourage you to maintain it updated & that you post your assignments & projects.

The front office is also posting the weekly parent bulletin & will remain doing so.


Enrollment Count Dates: GOAL IS 385!

  • Day 10: Monday, September 9th
  • Day 15: Monday, September 16th
  • Day 20: Monday, September 23rd

Deadlines for submissions:

  • All schools will receive an Enrollment Counts Survey by 8:00 AM on each Enrollment Count day.
  • ALL school submissions will be due by 12:00 PM on each Enrollment Count day
  • beginning at noon, Executive Officers will receive hourly updates of schools that have not yet submitted their counts.
  • At 3 PM, the Office of Instruction and Operational Alignment will send a list to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents of which schools have not submitted their counts.

Please let's all do our part & take attendance by no later than 10 AM.



Teachers, please make sure that you have your partner teacher's classroom roster for lunch. It is a requirement that Food Service know which students are eating lunch. This will alleviate the check-out time during lunch. Food service asks that you inform your students their number that they fall under on their rosters. Food Service will ask them for their number.

Prep Starts this week!

We did not receive any corrections last week, so we are off to a great start with prep & planning time.

After your grade-level planning, please don't forget to upload your collaboration notes onto Google Drive & share with your grade-level team.

Parent Communication

We will be implementing a Wednesday Folder that will go out to ALL families. In it, families will find our weekly bulletin and any other pertinent information from our community, our school, or even from your classroom.

We ask that you support us in sending them home. Students can support you in distributing them every Wednesday, perfect opportunities for a service job!

Our goal to implement this is mid September, the folder will be RED. If your students lose it , we will replace it. We do ask that you support us & expect students to return the folder on Thursday. Parents can also use it to send the school or you a note.

More information to come!

Friday's Assembly

Week 3 - 9/13 from 8:30-9:00 AM


TK/K, Ms. Perrone's 3rd grade class, Ms. Bien's 4th grade class, & Mr. Reynoso's 5th grade class.

Medicine Cabinet

Attention teachers: the medicine cabinet is now located in the main office. A medication binder is located on top of the cabinet with the medication orders.

Nurse's Schedule:

Lorna is here on Fridays from 8:30 AM -11:30 AM (Tentative)

Zara - School Psychologist's Schedule

Zarah de Vera, school psychologist, is assigned to Manzanita SEED/Manzanita Community for 1.5 days. She will be on-site Tuesdays and Fridays mornings. SST's will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays after school at 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM. If parents are not available, separate arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis. She may also have IEP's scheduled for Tuesdays after school. Available dates/times for SST's will be shared soon through Google calendar, and teachers can sign up directly if an appointment slot is open. Please email me atZarah.Devera@ousd.k12.ca.us if you have any questions.

SEED is in need of one additional Certificated Staff for our School Site Council! - If interested please contact Beatrice


We ask that your students put their chairs up at the end of the day. Mr. Lopez will appreciate it & your classroom will be swept/vacumed.

On-Going information...

Healthy Environment:

Effective this school year, NO PEANUT products are allowed at school. Manzanita Community & SEED have children with severe reactions. We ask that you support us in keeping our school safe & healthy for all children.

Student & Faculty Safety:

Effective this school year the black gate between the Community Office & Kinder playground will remain locked. Below is the schedule:

Monday-Friday (except Wednesday): 9:15 AM—2:15 PM

Wednesdays: 9:15 AM—1:00 PM

***The pedestrian gate on E 26th Street will remain open during school hours.

All classrooms will have a "Did you sign in?" sign outside your classroom door, we ask that you ask all parents to stop at the office to sign in prior to coming into your classroom.

A special name tag will be created for our volunteers that help us regularly.