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Vol. 2 No. 17 December 21, 2015

Keller ISD Education Foundation Grants

The Keller Education Foundation awarded grants to teachers throughout the district last week. Among the forty recipients were ten KISD fine arts teachers!

Congratulations to award recipients Kati Grimmer, Erin Owens, Leeann Zbichorski, Marisa Galt, Kaci Farnsworth, Amy Barranco, Courtney Surface, Anne Kendrick, Cheri Baxter, and Denise Massie.

A description of each of the grant projects follows:

Kati Grimmer - Keller Middle School - The Play IS the Thing: A Seminar For Young Playwrights

In Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, King Hamlet said: “The play’s the thing, Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” The goal of this grant is to catch the conscience of young writers by introducing them to the art of playwriting. Each student will work with a professional playwright to create original material which will be submitted to a contest for young playwrights. The writer will participate in guided exercises that will lead to discovery of how to generate ideas, create fully dimensional characters, and develop a storyline. There will also be a production of the student’s material that will be presented to the student body and to the community. The advanced theatre students will be in charge of producing the students’ works, giving the playwrights opportunities to see live performances of their works. This will provide an excellent opportunity for each playwright to make revisions as he or she sees the scene come to life.

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LeeAnn Zbichorski - Eagle Ridge Elementary - Teaching for Artistic Behavior

Ms. Z's grant is to create a TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) classroom. TAB is a choice based philosophy where students are treated like artists and drive their own learning. With the grant she will be able to set up and organize studio centers for her students to authentically experience the world of an artist. She also will make a research center in her classroom with books and resources to help students develop their ideas, as well as adding creativity games and an architecture station.

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Denise Massie - Keller Central High School - Tech Savvy Students

Ms. Massie's grant allows for each of her students to experience and create with a drawing tablet. This grant will provide students with technology tools that are currently being used in all entry-level college classes and places of employment.

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Amy Barranco - Ridgeview Elementary - Legacy Tile Wall

Ms. Barranco says this about her grant project:

A secret that art teachers don’t really tell people is that one of the best things about what we do is watching our kids grow. At the elementary level, art teachers are lucky. We are part of our students’ lives for five years. This year is our school’s fifth anniversary. The fourth grade group that is with us this year are the first group of students to go from kindergarten through fourth grade in our school. They are the group that will leave a legacy. I think that a legacy is about life and living. It is about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future. These students are the first group of kids that have roots at our school. I would love for them to leave a permanent tile wall for the rest of the students that remind them what our school is all about. Each fourth grade student will design a tile that illustrates what he or she thinks makes our school special. The tiles will be put together to create a permanent legacy art wall. This wall will be a gift to the school to remind the students of their roots.

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Anne Kendrick - Shady Grove Elementary - Sculpture Anyone?

Ms. Kendrick's grant project coordinates with the sculptures that the City of Keller has purchased for their green spaces. After looking at, touring, and studying the Keller Sculptures, the funds will be used for each student to create an individual sculpture in art class. They will then design and build a permanent outdoor sculpture to be displayed on the Shady Grove school grounds for the students and community to enjoy.

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Marisa Galt and Kaci Farnsworth - Timberview Middle School - Thinking Inside the (Black) Box

A Black Box is a room with black walls, ceiling, & floor. With the audience/actor void gone, it gives performances an intimate & different feeling. A black box theatre provides a wider variety of professional and modern theatre experiences for students.

The addition of a black box theatre also provides additional space for an ever-growing program at Timbeview Middle School!

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Erin Owens - Woodland Springs Elementary - I am an Artist!Teaching for Artistic Behavior

Ms. Owen's grant is to convert her classroom into a TAB art room (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) with different “studios” in her room set up. The students will become “experts” in the mediums they choose, and they will also decide their own subject matter, while learning to think, act, and communicate/collaborate like an artist.

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Cheri Baxter - Lone Star Elementary - Seasons of Change Mural

Ms. Baxter explains her project like this:

We will paint fencing using the subject of the four seasons.

It will beautify our playground as well as create a spring board for imagination play.

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Courtney Surface - Ridgeview Elementary - The Truth About Opera

Ms. Surface describes her grant project:

When you think of opera, does a Viking woman wearing a horned-helmet come to mind? According to my students, it is a lady on a stage singing very loudly. After this answer came my way, I decided that this was unacceptable! My students needed a better understanding of an art form that contains beautifully-written stories told by actors with amazing voices that just happen to sing everything. My students need to experience an opera. I hope to bring the Fort Worth Children’s Opera to the stage at my school.

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