English Language Learners

Montclair Elementary 2022-2023

Important Information

  1. Winter concerts on December 9th at 1:30 and 2:30.
  2. Winter Break and NO SCHOOL: December 21st-January 4th. See you on the 5th!
  3. NO SCHOOL on January 16th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  4. January 20th: Pancake Man and Artwork Displays!
  5. English Language Proficiency Testing in February.

Just so you know...

  • There is a free Adult English Language Class being offered at Andersen Middle School from 6:00-8:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Childcare is provided. Call Bastian at 402-715-6244 if you have questions.

  • There is a new Diversity Sub Committee at Montclair! Email Allison Kinney at allisonkinney@gmail.com if you'd like to attend one of the meetings.

  • We would love to have some bilingual volunteers in our building! Please let me know if you would like to volunteer with EL kids a couple hours a week. Thanks!

Interpreting Services



Myrna Gouger (mbgouger@mpsomaha.org or 402-715-6383)

Tamil and Hindi:

Gayathri Vel (gkvel1@mpsomaha.org )

Pashto, Farsi and Ukrainian:

Please contact Mrs. Fraser (lmfraser@mpsomaha.org) for the interpreters Montclair prefers to use.


Rana Corey (rrcorey@mpsomaha.org or 402-578-7583)

*Rana is at Montclair every Wednesday morning from 8:00-12:00. Parents are welcome to meet with her or call the school to speak with her at this time.

All other languages: Contact Bastian Derichs (bderichs@mpsomaha.org or 402-715-6244).

*If you are interested in becoming an interpreter for Millard Public Schools, please contact Mrs. Fraser at lmfraser@mpsomaha.org.

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Monthly Update - December

Dear Families,

Happy December! We have a handful of new students this year who just witnessed snow for the first time in their lives. It's so amazing to see how exciting it is for them to experience it!

This month we'll add another English teacher to our staff, Mrs. Havekost. She'll be at Montclair on Monday and Friday afternoons. I'm so fortunate to have some help as our beautiful EL population continues to grow. Mrs. Havekost and I will be busy testing our students' reading levels this month. When they get back from Winter Break, we'll be preparing for the English Proficiency Exam, which takes place in February.

Keep speaking to your children in your home language! My job is to teach them English. Your job is to try your best to help them maintain your home language. :)

Take care,

Mrs. Fraser

Montclair's English Language Teacher

Mrs. Fraser

Why am I a teacher?

I am a teacher because my 8th grade English teacher was one of my favorite people in the world and I wanted to be just like her. She inspired me to be a good person, so I wanted to inspire others to be the same. Also, I love spending my days with kids! I especially love spending my days with kids who come from all over the world and who speak different languages. I love to travel and they teach me so much about our world!

What am I excited about this year?

I'm excited to see my students (without masks!) and have a more "normal" year this year. I'm looking forward to doing some of the activities and events we weren't able to do the past couple of years because of the pandemic. I'm also looking forward to working with the parent volunteers who offered their time and expertise to our students this year!

What do I like to do on the weekends?

I love to hike, kayak, garden, and keep bees with my family. You will also find me reading, playing piano, practicing yoga, and working on macrame.

Email: lmfraser@mpsomaha.org

Program Overview

Learning Objectives

  • Teach English to our young learners.

    • Click here for the standards.

  • Help to maintain our students' home languages.

  • Create trusting, meaningful relationships between ourselves and our students.

  • Provide a safe place for our students to form friendships with one another.

  • Assist our students' families with interpretation services within the school setting.

  • Celebrate the diversity and culture our students bring to Montclair and our community.

Types of Services

  • Push In/Inclusion: The EL teacher works within the student's classroom to support them. They collaborate and co-teach with the general classroom teacher.

  • Pull Out: The EL teacher works with a small group of students who are EL in the EL classroom space.

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Parent Sites, Forms and Information

Community, Connections, and Assistance for Immigrants and Refugees:

Refugee Women Rising

Omaha Refugee Task Force

Tri-Faith Initiative

English Classes for Adults:

***There is a new, free English class offered at Andersen Middle School! Please see the announcements for more information. You may call me or Bastian Derichs for more information.

Other Options:

1. Language and Culture School of Omaha: English Language Classes for Parents

2. Metro Community College - Contact Tammy Green tjgreen5@mccneb.edu

3. Omaha Public Library - Learn language online thru the MANGO App

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications (instructions in multiple languages)

NE English Learner Programs
Millard Public Schools
Millard EL