The Lion, The Witch, & The wardrobe

By Emily Marie

Overview of themes in the book

"Honesty is the best policy" lucy stuck to her story because she knew she wasn't lying. In the end all the other children believed her. Even though it took some time, it worked out and they all believed her.

"Do to someone as you would want them to do for you" The faun saved lucy when he was supposed to kidnap her. Lucy and all the other children are going to help the faun because he helped Lucy.

"Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing" When Edmund was eating the turkish Delight, he found him self eat more than he should because it was so good. After he was done, he felt sick from eating too much.

Characters from the story

Lucy- She is very honest and refuses to lie. Even when all the other kids didn't believe her she still kept to her story. She could have easily made the whole thing me over by just lying and saying she made it up, but she didn't

Edmund- He is kinda a jerk and wants everything to go his way. He could have help lucy by telling the truth but instead he lied. He told the others that they were just playing and ended up hurting Lucy.

Susan- She want to to the right thing. She wanted to believe Lucy The whole time. When Edmund was being mean to Lucy, she tried to stop him.

Peter- He is the most resposible of the children. He would try to get Edmund to be nicer to Lucy. He would also try to cheer Lucy up. Peter always trys to get every one to get along.