Klondike Wilderness Rescue Company

Cheyenne Parker (Module 8 Lesson 3 Mastery)

Welcome to Klondike Wilderness Rescue Company

Our main goal as a company is to keep all travelers as safe as possible during their journey in not only Klondike, but in all of the Yukon. We have many services and products that will increase chances of survival dramatically. Be sure to check out each and everything we have to offer here, because we here, at Klondike Wilderness Rescue Company, care about your safety and well being. We are here to help you always have a back up plan in case of an emergency.

Thermal Clothing

To all those traveling here in Yukon (or anywhere else in extreme cold) we here at KWRC offer a wide variety of thermal clothing. This clothing is specially made to handle the extreme of the Yukon, it is built to hold in and preserve body heat as much as possible. It is highly recommenced that these products are bought and used when traveling in the very cold, snowy weather.

Check out the links below to browse our fine selections:
Thermal Shirts/Pants/Underwear
Thermal Gloves
Thermal Socks

Yukon Guide Books

We also sell guide books to help inform travelers about the harsh wintry conditions that the Yukon can throw at them. The ultimate goal of selling the books is to help people learn their way around and help inform them on what they should do if they cross any immediate dangers and cannot be reached by anybody, thus improving their chance of survival.

Click on the link below to learn more:
Guide to the Yukon Wilderness

Fire Starters

A very useful tool that we just put onto our shelves is a small, handheld flint and steel fire stater. This device is great to have in emergency cases. You'll be able to start a fire with this device, even without matches, if you get lost or stranded in the Yukon.

See prices by clicking on the link:
Flint and Steel Fire Starter

Frostbite Prevention Classes

The team at KWRC wants to help ensure the safety of everyone, so we offer classes on how to prevent frostbite. This could be a key element to someone's survival if they are stranded in the Yukon with very limited supplies. This class is required for all employees of KWRC and is highly recommended to all travelers in the Yukon take it, whether experienced or not.

Times and dates for the classes can be found by clicking the link:
Frostbite Prevention Class

Hand-Held Radio

Another very helpful thing that we sell at KWRC is a hand-held radio that is programmed to our satellite. If you are ever traveling alone in the Yukon and there is a life or death situation you will have a way to always be in contact with someone at KWRC. We will pinpoint your location and send a rescue team as soon as possible.

Be sure to click the link below and buy your radio today:
Hand-Held Radio



In this I decided to use thermal clothing because the unnamed stranger claimed several times to be cold after taking his mittens off. If he had, had thermal gloves he would have be able to take off his mittens for longer periods of time with them getting too cold. "To build the fire he had been forced to remove his mittens, and the fingers had quickly gone numb." Then I chose guide books because if the man had taken one and read it, it could have told him what to expect and what the best/safest way to get to his destination was. The fire started would have been very helpful to have when he had to start a fire after he fell into the water. "In his effort to separate one match from the others, the whole bunch fell in the snow." If would would have had a fire starter like the one above it wouldn't have matter that much if his matches all fell onto the ground because he still could have made a fire. I put in the frost bite prevention class because I feel like if the man would have taken part of it he could have possibly found another way to prevent the frost from spreading so quickly, other than making a fire. Finally I put the hand-held radio because if he had only had a way to communicate with somebody he could have possibly been saved even though he was alone. "If he had only had a trail-mate he would have been in no danger now."

  • Thermal Clothing- He was freezing to death and could have used thermal clothing to help keep warm.
  • Fire Starter- He needed a fire to get dry and warm and his matches got ruined.
  • Hand-Held Radio- He realized that he should have been with somebody and could have used the radio to get help.

  • Guide Book- He wanted to believe that he knew everything about the wilderness and how to get around in the Yukon. He had too much overconfidence.
  • Frost Bite Prevention Class- If he had known other ways to help slow the process he probably could have survived, but he had a big ego and thought he would survive on his own without anyone's help.