aluminum extrusion profiles

How to Choose China Authentic Supplier of Aluminium Profile?

Industrial aluminum profile processing
Industrial aluminum profile is extruded through high-temperature solution and hot extrusion, the cross-sectional shape is directly molded by extruding the die, the production process is relatively simple. The aluminum extrusion profiles can process sawing, drilling and milling, bending, welding, and various shapes of aluminum profiles can be mutually assembled. In addition, they can be produced in different grades according to the load-bearing and mechanical strength requirements.

Features of industrial aluminum profiles
Industrial aluminum profiles are broadly used, and highly versatile. They are lightweight, good heat dissipation, high productivity and environmental protection, which have become the first choice for industrial materials. Industrial aluminum profile surface can process a variety of styles treatment, such as oxidation (gray, black, sand blasting, drawing, etc.), and can also be painted, sprayed, chrome polished, which are nice and can improve product added value. Pass SGS environmental protection test.

How to choose China authentic supplier of aluminium profile? There are three principles to choose aluminum profile suppliers:

1. Do not choose the supplier whose products are very cheap
Aluminum profile cost = ingot spot price + processing cost for extruding aluminum +packaging materials + shipping fees. These are very transparent, the costs of aluminum profiles are similar, the first possibility for the significantly lower price than the market is weight per meter is less; second: aluminum ingots using recycled materials; Third: enlarge cutting losses (not sell by the actual number of meters).

2. Not choose the suppliers who only know how to sell the material
Prepare some shipment, recruit a few operators, and open by wantonly marketing online, these tend to hurt the buyers. Most operators do not understand how to use, they just know the price. How to use to meet customer demand? How to make to be cost-effective? Which connection way is the best in different places? They are unable to accurately answer. They only know to recommended the cheapest profiles and the cheapest connection way; This connection way is the lowest cost, but the most labor-consuming, but also the worst kind of connection, the convenience of aluminum profiles would not be reflected, and will bring relatively large trouble for the renovation later.

3. Choose the production-based aluminum profile supplier
The production-based aluminum profile suppliers are generally engaged in this industry for over 10 years, and they are also users themselves. They have a wealth of practical experience, and have a very good understanding and knowledge about product quality and performance, which will recommend better cost products appropriate for customer needs, and choose convenient and practical accessories.