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The following recordings are from live webinars. Watch the webinar, complete any activities listed below the recording and fill out the form at the bottom of this page for credit.

We hope you enjoy the learning!

Once You POP, The Fun Don't STOP! (BrainPOP)

All about BrainPOP classes, assignments, differentiation and more! (Learning led by Ms. Freeman)

GoGuardians of the Galaxy

Let’s revisit GoGuardian to be sure you’re using all the fantastic features that are at your fingertips! Managing your 1:1 classroom is easy when you’re a GoGuardian of the Galaxy! (Learning led by Dr. Rios)
View the Webinar Here

Passcode: T#7uyP^9

Let Your Communication Bloom with Bloomz!

Enhance your communication with students and parents with Bloomz! We’ll go beyond the basics in this session and look at some of the cool advanced features that you may not be using. Your communication will Bloom with Bloomz! (Learning led by Dr. Rios)

All Hands on PearDeck

Learn about the power of PearDeck, a Google Slides extension that can super-charge your lesson, provide opportunities for formative assessment, and supports social-emotional learning with your classroom.
View the Webinar HERE

Passcode: iHad!T6k

WeVideo: Back to the Basics

In this webinar, you will learn all about recording your screen, making audio recordings, simple video editing and sharing with others!

EdPuzzle and Flipgrid

Come learn how to step your multimedia game up with EdPuzzle, a powerful formative assessment tool, and Flipgrid, a student-voice platform that can support positive classroom environment growth in a number of different ways.
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Passcode: PDPJs21!

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