The Freshwater Turtle

By: Lucas Jensen


Concerned with increasing popularity of turtles and the potential for over-harvest, the Commission passed stronger rules to protect turtle species and developed a long-term turtle conservation strategy. Selling turtles taken from the wild is prohibited. FWC rules prohibit taking or possessing turtles from the wild that are listed on Florida's imperiled species list, like the Freshwater Turtle.

What is there habitat?

These Turtles live in the Freshwater in Florida. That is how they got there name.

Interesting Facts

Many people were allowed to keep them as pets until there numbers decreased. They turned out to be great, caring pets.

Why are they endangered?

They are endangered because people shoot them to sell there skin for money. They also want the turtle's shell to sell or to keep as a decoration. Also, they trap them to keep for a pet and they end up dying. Sadly, even some people shoot them for fun.