Rock and Minerals

Gold, Quartz, and Petrified Wood


Gold is malleable. Gold is rare. Once people wanted and tried to make things into gold. A man from the beginning of time mined about 80,000 tons of gold. Gold is a chemical element. It's chemical symbol is Au. You can pound gold so thin you can see through it.


Quartz is made from silica and oxygen. Quartz is mineral. Quartz has a hardness of seven. There are many types of quartz, I will list them: Cryptocrystalline quartz, drusy quartz, milky quartz, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, and smoky quartz. Quartz is so common. It is the most common mineral. Quartz is in watches to help keep correct time.
Breaking Open a Geode to Find Quartz Crystals

Petrifed Wood

The wood is rock. It is in the same form as the original wood. Petrified wood is not wood. Petrified wood can be many different substances and colors. The wood slowly breaks down and is filled with the same minerals that are found in rocks. The stuff that covers the wood from getting oxygen. Wood cannot rot without oxygen. Did you is a store sell all petrified wood.
Melting Petrified Wood With Hydrogen


1,000 Photos of Minerals and Fossils by Alain Eid

Crystal and Gem by Dr. R. F. Symes and Dr. R.R. Harding

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