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What is happening at Hawkins Middle School and High School

Dual Credit Spring 2021 Registration

TJC will be coming out on November 4th during the school day for Spring Dual Credit Registration. If you are interested in taking Dual Credit classes in the Spring of 2021.

Students must complete the form that was sent to their email or Google Classroom if you are taking Dual Credit Classes.

Why should you fill out the FAFSA?

The FAFSA is the financial aid form for accessing grants, federal student loans, and work-study funds. ... Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is one of the most important steps students and their families can take to pay for college.

FSA ID set up. Here is the link

FAFSA Website:

Few reminders that will make the process easier:·

  • Have all 2019 W2’s (student and parent)
  • Have all 2019 1040’s and Schedules (student and parent)
  • Student and parents’ social security numbers

Money for College

FAFSA Hotline hosted by TJC.

East Texas families are encouraged to call 903.510.2385 or log in to Zoom (meeting ID: 969 9167 0166, password: FAFSA) for assistance.

Here are the upcoming dates:

November 5, 2020

December 3, 2020

November 16, 2020

Class Information

Senior Meetings:

In October I will have senior meetings. I will present information about graduation requirements as well as options for after graduation. After the presentation, I will invite all seniors to meet with me individually to review their credits, graduation plans, and next steps! If you have questions about your student’s graduation plan please feel free to email or call. Senior and Parents can check out the Hawkins Senior Planning Guide to help them navigate their senior year.

Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors:

In September & October, I will be doing transcript audits to make sure that these students are on the correct path as far as their PGP, Endorsements, Courses, and etc.

8th Grade Meetings:

I will meet with all 8th graders during the Spring to discuss their four-year plans. Share information about various courses and pathways at Hawkins HS, and we asked students to consider which courses they want to take over the next four years. Please note that these plans are not the same as course selection, and they can update their plan at any time. You can also familiarize yourself with the Graduation Requirements, Hawkins Course Offerings, Career and Technology Pathways, and Endorsements. If you have questions about your student’s graduation plan please feel free to email or call.

Balfour Graduation Items

Class of 2021 Students and Parents,

It’s time to order your Balfour Graduation items including your Cap &Gown. Click on the link below to start your amazing graduation journey. The last link takes you to our custom Balfour School page where you will find options and pricing to customize and place your order. Please place your order on or before Friday, October 9, 2020. Please feel free to contact our local Balfour Rep at 903-757-6595 or with any questions.

Thank you,

John D. Barbe

Phone: 903.757.6595


High School students are gearing up to take the TSI/ACT/PSAT.
  • TSI Testing on September 23 & 24
  • ACT Testing on October 6
  • PSAT Testing on October 29
  • ASVAB on November 10 (Juniors)


There are certain STATE Colleges and Universities that offer FREE tuition if a student qualifies financially!

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SEL & Mental Health Virtual Classroom

Since some of you will be starting the school year online and some are just computer savvy, this will be another PERFECT way to share information. The office has TONS of info on it for your SEL, Mental Health, and Self Care. Just use it as needed and as often as you want!! I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS AND HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Click HERE to check out the Classroom!

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Beyond the Tassel

Here are the links Beyond the Tassel podcast posted on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Amazon Alexa Store featuring your Hawkins Hawks Flash Briefing

About This Show:

Hawkins Beyond the Tassel is a weekly podcast hosted by education equity advocate and rural communities champion, Craig Williams, featuring insider tips to help families and students prepare for the transition from high school to college.

New episodes for Hawkins Beyond the Tassel will be published every Tuesday morning, starting with September 22nd.


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