I Wish.. Poem

I wish I didn't think

so much

I wish clouds and stars

could talk; I wonder what

they would say

I wish heaven had

visiting hours

I wish I could spend

all day playing basketball.

I wish the road to

success wasn't so bumpy.

I wish animals could talk.

I wish happiness

wasn't so expensive.

Haiku #1: Basketball

It's not just game

It's the sport that keeps me sane

It's something I love

Haiku #2: Food

It makes my tummy happy

Hot pockets are my fav food

Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum

Cinquain Poem

art lab

working with friends

hanging out with schroeder

making cool art projects with friends

third hour

I AM... Poem

I am happy and independent

I wonder if my dad misses me like I miss him

I hear the swish of the net as the ball falls through

I see my goals

I want to work hard and achieve my goals

I am happy and independent

I pretend I am flying through

the air like peter pan

I feel the basketball in my hand as i'm dribbling

I touch the clouds

I worry I won't be good enough

I cry the happiest tears as I think about how blessed I am

I am happy and independent

I understand that you have to

work for good things

I say splash

I dream of my future in basketball

I try to play it cool and pretend that

I don't care, even when I do

I hope I can live up to what is

expected of me

I am happy and independent