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Parent Express Bulletin #20

Success...both in and out of school!

Dear Hampton Bays Middle School Families,

Last week, we enjoyed a series of amazing Winter Concerts featuring our middle school student musicians. Regardless of the performance group of which your child is a member, you were likely impressed with each of the performance groups we heard this week. We finished our music series this weekend with LISFA and HMEA. (HMEA was hosted on our home-turf, Hampton Bays Middle School!) If you've seen our music teachers in the last week or so, you've seen how passionate, energetic, and dedicated they are about our students, their work as teachers, and our thriving music program.

Concert season is a unique occasion in which can get a solid understanding of what results when students and adults work hard and work together towards a goal: because amazing music is the result!

As a parent of three budding student musicians myself, I can appreciate the demands of at-home practice, lessons and rehearsals beyond the school-day, and driving our kids around so they can be part of these experiences. Taken one giant leap forward this year, it was truly inspiring to see the number of parents involved in supporting our music and arts programs. Thank you to our parents who wear so many "hats"...all for our students!

When parents make the time to contribute in a way that matches their availability, it not only sends a powerful message to your children, but it also benefits large groups of HBMS students and our music program. If you'd like to get more involved in PAPA (Performing Arts Parents Association), see the application in your concert program.

The reading resources included this week have lots to do with the good work that we as adults can do to help our kids build solid foundations for school and life success. I hope you take a moment to read one or all of the articles, view the photos, or visit our website to learn more about this week. And if life is too busy right now (because parents are BUSY people!), as we've done now for a number of years, we will curate the month in Tweets and share them in this S'more. Why is it worth looking at this photos? Well...they may just spark a powerful conversation at home, between you and your child.

Please enjoy the resources and photos we are sharing this week. If you have additional photos you'd like to share, I encourage you to email them to me and they can be included in here. And, if you read something that piques your interest or have an idea that we can explore together, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly, or to our amazing PTO Leadership. We always love to learn something new from our parents and families!



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We Are HBMS!

5 Resources to Support Our Middle School Journey

Photos of the Week!

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