Ivory Coast

Culture of Ivory Coast

The People

Ivorys Coast has a population of 17.3 million people more than 60 of these ethinicities are traditionaly grouped. In rural areas dresses tend to be more casual than other places but when they wor they use their lest valued clothing. Their poulation is divided in 3 different religous traditions one is Islam, another one is christanity, and the last one of them is the Followers of the Indigenous religion. Ivorians respect poeple on how they act around another person.

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Customs and Curtesies

Ivorians give brief greatings to their family and freinds and Particularly in rural areas ignouring some one is very rude. A guttural sound wile nauding your head means yes and sucking air through ons teeth means disapproval. Hand washing is very important because well when some one is eating meal they only use their right hand and they only use their left hand for personal hygiene. Any one is alloud to visit the hospital at any time but before lunch time.
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Life Styles

Familys ramainstrong even if they are seperated between villages and if there is a major event going on like a funerals or wedings they will all meet in one village. The diets up in Ivory Coast are basic every day foods exsept their diets are more elabrick they use foods like Imported sugar or canned goods. In the Ivory Coast their recreation (Games or Sports) is football and dame (a form of checkers). In their holidays they celibrate New years day, Indeapendance day, and National day.
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Their goverment in the Ivory Coast have voting rights to vote for a president and the president can do a five year term. Their economy realiys on cocoa beans, coffee, timber, pinapple, and palm oil. Transportation and comnication is a big thing they have air ports roads to get around alot easyier. Students usaly attend primary schools and fallowed by reginal schools.
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