The Effect of Feminism

By: Victoria, Kole, Travis and Drew

The Problem- That men get paid more than women

Men work in job field's with higher salaries.

Women are perceived family responsibilities which makes them less committed to their job.

Women were not considered primary wage- earners.


The Government has been causing the difference in salary between men and women for centuries in the US.

They have always under represented women and making them an unimportance to the US.


Men usually get paid 4% more than women while working the same job.

On average women stop getting growing pay when they hit the age 39 and mens growing pay stops at 48.

A women's typical wage is 60,000 per year where men get paid 95,000 per year.

Where we were and where we need to get.

There was a point where women weren't allowed to work outside of the house or even get an education. But now we are at this point where women have equal opportunities with job choice and being educated. Women are really close to the equality they desire.

Our Solution

A nation wide women strike pretty much all women stop working, cleaning, their job, and walk out on what their doing until they prove their point.

They could go to court to defend their female rights . ( the equal pay act). The right to no discrimination towards paychecks between male and female.


Overall Women make less than men. This is starting to become a problem, so our group has decided on two solutions (strike) (court) that could be very beneficial for the female gender giving them salary equality and also fixing this problem.