Missing Slaves

Slaves Gone Missing In The South

Slaves Missing In The South!

On the evening of November 15th several slaves escaped from their owners homes. Slaves by the name of Frederick Douglass Nat Turner, & Jaren Foy. Reporters say they saw Douglass running through the forest behind Tammy the bakers home. Thats when they recieved the call that these three slaves went missing.

What Southern Residents have been saying.

Amelia H.- Says we need to bring our slaves back our cotton income has been slowly decreasing every hour.

Rosa P.- Says they escaped late at night while we were sleeping those gosh darn slaves always slipping away from our control.

Bobby F.- Says he seen them escape from their home and tried to catch them before they got away.

If You Have Any Information On Where These Missing Slaves May Be Please Come To The Salisbury Police Station

This is the tenth time slaves have tried to escape from their masters. We will not stand this unnacceptable behavior we need these slaves for working.-Josh W.
The Salisbury Police Station has offered a $1000 reward for anyone who can catch these slippery slaves. So go out there and catch yourself a slave!