Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the week of January 7th

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a fantastic winter break! I certainly did, but after being out of town for so long, I am ready to get back in the routine! So let's here it for a great week back at Sommer and an awesome start to 2013!!

What we will be learning this week...

Math: The students will be reviewing time, temperature, and graphs this week while also completing a problem of the day. These are concepts that will be continually taught and reviewed as the year progresses.

Science: The spotlight in science will be to observe and describe rocks by size, texture, and color. Students are expected to use their senses to describe the physical properties of rocks and be able to compare rocks by color, texture, and density.

Reading: This week we will begin to tackle a large project. The big idea in reading will be culture, history, and contemporary contexts reflected in literature. Students will be completing a "culture gram" on the following locations: Ireland, Japan, and China. Different cultures will be explored in the weeks to come! We will also be using an online source called Culture Grams as a resource to help us with our research. We will start slow and then I will gradually release the students to explore Culture Grams on laptops with a buddy.

Writing: We will continue to work in our Write Source Skills book. This week, we will be focusing on action verbs, linking verbs, and some verb tenses.

Word Study: The students will receive new word study lists on Monday the 7th. They will work on these lists for 2 weeks and then will have a speed and glue sort to assess their understanding of the word patterns. They are also expected to complete at least 3 items from the Word Study Menu (posted in the classroom) each week.

Happenings in our room....


January 1st : Jocelyn

January 14th: Mrs. Cormack turns 30!! Still undecided how I feel about this....

January 21st: Melissa

January 22nd: Ethan and Karina

January 24th: Hiya

Thursday Folders: I forgot to send them out on December 20th (whoops) so the folders will be thick on January 10th!

Report Cards: Sent home on January 17th. Be on the lookout for a detailed explanation of grades, like the one I sent out for the 1st nine weeks.