Girl Scout Meeting

Monday April 7, 6:30 PM

'Trash Picker' Group Activity

Many of you might have heard your daughters speaking about a 'grabber' or 'picker-upper' tool, they seem to think this tool is necessary for picking up trash, plus love the idea of using it to 'grab' things. While we were shopping at Lowe's, we were unable to find this tool, but came up with an alternate idea: to make our own trash 'picker-uppers' using a large wooden dowel/stick and a nail, in order to create a "paper picker" - (a tool that can be used to stab the trash and transfer to a bag without actually touching the trash.) After some trial and error, my husband was able to come up with a solution (using some PVC pipe, a drill, and a screw) that we would like to help the girls make at our next meeting. I have attached a couple pictures to give you all an idea of what this tool will look like.

Now, as much as I can understand the potential danger of these tools in our daughters hands, I can honestly say that I view this idea as a great opportunity for the girls. I know that they have the capacity to understand what is and is not the appropriate use of said tool. This will be a chance for the girls to learn and help with using a drill. More importantly, I would explain the appropriate use of the items - stressing the fact that these are not toys, and not to be used on anything other than trash. If any of the girls were to choose not to follow those expectations, then she would no longer be allowed to use that particular tool. After all, this is Girl Scouts, and despite the (sometimes) delicate nature of our girls, I have faith that exposure to these types of activities would be for their ultimate benefit and enjoyment. If, for some reason, this type of activity seems too dangerous to the majority of parents, then I would respect those concerns, and would be open to other suggestions. Or we could simply scrap the idea of using 'tools' all together, and opt to purchase a pair of gardening/work gloves for the girls to use - with the understanding that they will be picking up the trash completely by hand. Since you know your daughters best, please make your decision based on what ever you think she can handle and would enjoy the most. If you are okay with us making/using these tools, there is no need to respond. However, if you are concerned or feel that your daughter may not be ready for this particular activity, then please let me know ASAP, so I can pursue other options.