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May 19, 2023

Track Season Ends By Landon, Jaxon, Brock, and Keaton

To celebrate the end of the track and field we interviewed 2 of our best track/field members, Ethan Hankins and Cole Zimmerman. To start off the interview we asked “How do you think we did?” and they both thought we did okay - maybe a 6 out of 10. We placed 3rd overall. Ethan’s favorite event was the 2 mile and Cole’s was the 800. They both started track because it seemed fun. It was a fun season for the both of them because they both placed first in at least one of the meets. They are both excited that the track season has ended because cross country is closer but they are also not happy because they like competing. Great job for the excellent season


Brock and Keaton also interviewed a couple of people at the Pioneer League meet. Bryce and Lawrence went to the League meet because they were fastest or strongest in their event. They thought the most competitive team was the Wellington Knights. Lawrence said that the track meet was a little boring because he had shot put across the street from the other events at 3:30, then had to sit there for the rest of the meet. Bryce said that he ran the 4x200 before the 800m run.

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End of the Year Reflections by Benjamin, Carter, Brae, and Kiera

We are nearly at the end of the year. As we come closer to the sweet bliss of the summer season, it is always a good idea to take some time to reflect. So, we, the digital publications class, present to you. "The Highlights of the Year" brought to you by your fellow students and peers.

Sixth Grade: One-sixth grader we interviewed stated that his favorite teacher this year is Mrs. Mort. He also shared that his favorite part of the year was the second term because of the reindeer games. Another sixth grader said it was funny during the reindeer games pins tournament when Mr. Cathey fell on his backside.

Seventh Grade: For Candice Brimer, she thought that around Christmas was fun and also enjoyed the reindeer games. She said her favorite teachers were Ms. Fitzmaurice and Mr. Beikman. Addy Clinesmith says she enjoyed the newspaper class with Mrs. Heersche. She said that the pep assemblies were also fun. Her favorite sport she participated in this year was track.

Eighth Grade: For eighth-grade Liam, Brady said it was fun during the reindeer games. Landon said the first day of school was fun. He also enjoyed meeting his new teachers. His favorite sport this year was track. Evan Grove’s favorite part of school this year were football and track. He’s looking forward to the trip New York and Washington D.C.

Staff Members: The staff members that have been interviewed are Mrs. Moses, Mrs. Woolard, and Mr. Cathy for office staff. Their highlights were getting to see and know the kids this year and also getting to know some of the staff members. I then also asked Mrs. Fitzmaurice, Mrs. Humphries, Mrs. Downs, and Mrs. Rhodes. They all responded that their highlights were their students along with how much they grew in school. I asked Mrs. Downs what her favorite highlight was and she said “coaching volleyball, also teaching yearbook.” Mrs. Heersche also loves her students and she was also very excited to teach students whose parents, aunts, and uncles she taught many years ago in Mulvane. Thank you to all of our teachers and staff members whose dedication is to help, teach, and grow students from the first day they started at MMS we appreciate all of you!

In conclusion, this year has been a good one, and with sorry hearts and heavy souls, we should bid you farewell and wish you good luck on your journeys to come.

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NJHS and Stuco Help with Munson Field Day By Peyton and Penny

On May 5, NJHS and Stuco helped run Field Day for the Munson Primary School. There were 23 events ranging from coloring chalk to running events. When the Munson kids got done, they went inside for popsicles. While the high schoolers took the kids around the middle schoolers manned the events. We asked Norma and Norah Griffin what event they helped run and their experience. Norah said she worked in bottle knockdown, checking the station, then she told us she gave a kid a free blackout. Then we asked Norma what she did, and she said that she let kids draw on her arms and helped with the cup stilts. There were 16 Stuco members and 36 NJHS middle schoolers helping out with this event. We thank them for their help.

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8th Grade Promotion By MᶜKinzy

MMS 8th grade promotion will be held in the MHS gymnasium at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 22. The time has changed so more family could come. The point of the promotion is to acknowledge the growth and the students over the years. This will be a simple ceremony recognizing 8th grader's accomplishments in middle school as they transition to high school and begin their final portion of their K-12 education experience. The 8th graders are all excited to begin their journey through high school. We wish them well!

It's Carnival Time by Jaxon, Landon, and Colter

For our last newsletter of the year, we decided to interview Mr. Cathey about the carnival that takes place on Monday, May 22. The idea came to him and Mr. Bennett around January or February to have this amazing carnival. The reason for this carnival is because Mr. Cathey thought it was a good idea to have an end-of-the-year activity that is fun and make the end of the year a good time for all of us. He is most excited to see kids having fun and playing with their friends because that is what our wonderful MMS teachers want for us. A rental company will be our supplier for the carnival, and it will be by the practice football field. Thank you so much MMS Staff for the Carnival and thank you students and staff for a great year!!!

MMS Band Concert by Benjamin, Carter, Banjo, and Riley

MMS Band played six songs in the main gym on Monday, May 15th. We talked to some students before the concert. They said they are playing three pep-band songs and three classical band songs. They were confident and did a great job during the performance

The six songs in order were Liberty March by James Swearingen, Ancient Voices by Michel Sweany, The Dragon by Rob Grice, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, Sweet Caroline by Niel Diamond, and Don't Stop Believing by Journey. We also asked what their favorite song they played. The majority said The Dragon. We also asked what the most complex song and the majority said Crazy Train. Finally, we asked if they had anything more to relay about the concert. They said, “You should come and support the Mulvane Middle School Band."

The concert was great and both bands played well. We asked Riley Spery how it went, and said he feels he did well along with the band. He said that The Dragon was the best song. Overall he says it was an 8 out of 10.

Officer Bohannon, Our Resource Officer By Emersyn and MᶜKinzy

Officer Bohannon first got inspired to be a police officer in his 30’s. Perry Russell was a sheriff in Chautauqua County. He had horses on Officer Bohannon’s property. He got to know Russell over time and was encouraged to go into law enforcement. The first place he worked was Chautauqua County, then in Sumner County, next Belle Plaine, finally came to Mulvane. He has been serving for 13 years as a cop now and 10 years in Mulvane. He has trained at Columbine High School.

Officer Bohannon’s favorite thing to do is to interact with the schools. He said, “It's the coolest part of my job.” He loves to interact with the teachers and students. We talked to him about the hardships of being a police officer when he has to deal with drug cases. He replied, “I've seen what drugs do to families. It's bad. I've been there when little kids found their mom overdosed. I’ve known of kids who actually get ahold of parent’s drugs before. They are bad. I carry Narcan because drugs have gotten so bad in this area. I carry one for others and one for me. Drugs are bad. He talked about how some cases can affect his life and it’s hard to arrest friends, friends’ kids. It breaks his heart every time he has to arrest a kid but you cannot let it affect your own life.”

One funny case he went on in Mulvane was a call for a bomb going off, but it was just the oven because the cookies were burning. The type of call Officer Bohannon dislikes is suspicious person calls. His favorite school to go to is Mulvane Middle School because he likes to see the growth between 6th and 8th grade, but he also really likes Munson because they acknowledge him more. He also likes to visit the gym to play pins with the middle schoolers mainly to knock down the pins.

Officer Bohannon is a great police officer and is always fun to be around in the in the school environment or just around Mulvane.

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