Poinsettia Time!

Forms due December 2nd

Penrod's Fundraiser

We will be doing a Penrod's Poinsettia fundraiser again this year. We need all orders in by Friday, December 2nd and the plants will be delivered on Thursday, December 8th. All plants will need to be picked up at the school by Friday, December 9th as there will be no one to care for them over the weekend.

We will have three colors available. Red, White and Pink. And we will be offering two different sizes a 10 inch for $25 and a 6.5 inch for $10. The proceeds from these sales will go to SVMS PTSA.

We will also be offering a 4.5 mini poinsettia (will be a variety of colors) for $5 whose profit proceeds will go to the LPS Building Pride Initiative.

Order forms can be found at the bottom of this newsletter. There is a google doc form that can be printed off and sent in and there is a member planet online doc that you can use to process your order entirely online. There is a processing fee for the online form that goes to the company for helping us process it! If you don't want to incur a fee simply send your paper form into the office by December 2nd!