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September 21, 2016

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School Information

Remaining Black Out Days

  • Oct. 14, 26, 27, 31
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Lessons of the Week


The research on individual optimism suggests some ideas about encouraging a culture of optimism in schools. Peterson (2000) found that optimism is thwarted by stress, so decreasing stress should support optimism. Teachers can lower their stress by increasing their agency and control through appropriate participation in decisions that affect their school lives (Hoy & Tarter, 2004).

Excerpt From: Shirley M. Hord, James (Jim) L. (Lloyd) Roussin & William A. (Arthur) Sommers. “Guiding Professional Learning Communities.”

Students' Social and Emotional Learning Increases

There is a broad range of social and emotional competencies and skills that students need to learn in order to be successful in school and beyond. Students are better able to learn and practice many of these skills when engaged in learning activities in which they have some power and control and when they are joyful about their work. Though there are many such skills, several of which will be explored throughout this book, let's consider just a few for illustrative purposes.

Excerpts From: Mike Anderson. “Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn.”

Morning Meetings: Creating a Safe Space for Learning

Culture of Hope & Resilience - Trauma Sensitive

Definition of Trauma: when both internal and external resources are inadequate to cope with an external threat (Van Der Kolk, 1989)

  • Trauma shapes a person’s basic belief about identity, the world, spirituality

  • Trauma creates symptoms that are adaptations

  • Trauma impacts physiological development

Our focus this year is to be...TRAUMA AWARE

Trauma Aware: understand the prevalence and impact (this is our focus this year)

Trauma Sensitive: embed practices in daily practices

Trauma Responsive: adapt work environment and practices


Teacher Bumper Numbers

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