Monika Uribe 4 period

pre-sports expectations

pre-sports is getting you ready for the real sports like basketball, volleyball and my personal favorite track.In all the sports you will have to eat right,get enough sleep and also have teamwork because without all those things you wouldn't be ready for athletics. Monday through Thursday you have to dress out and on Friday you will have health which means you and your teacher will o over things your vegetables (don't give them to your dog).

Entering pre sports;)

what you need for pre sports is a gray shirt and blue shorts but if you don't have that don't go off and buy that if you have some old cloths you could bring them but the shorts can be small but not that short. If you don't have the right cc have consequences by the teacher like pushups. You will also need to put your hair up so don't forget something that you could put your hair up in or you will have conse