Homeless Haven

Group Eleven

Helping teens, abused and confused, to help our future, improved and renewed.

Group Eleven Members

Kaylee Cooper - Jack Rogers - Erica Mondragon - Elizabeth Watson - Sarah Emerson

Arath Herrera - Graham Braunstein - Hannah Okafor

Homeless Teens

This week we have been learning about problems in our community: Waco, Texas. We as a group have found that teen homelessness is a huge problem. We have seen the connection between teen homelessness and abuse within the family. These teens will eventually be driven from their homes or decide to leave. We have done research on the facts of dysfunctional families and the number of homeless teens who have come from these situations. An overwhelming number of these homeless teens have come from an abusive situation. 60% of these kids were abused either emotionally or physically.

To address this issue, we will establish an after school program that tutors and mentors students. We will recruit college students from Baylor and MCC, providing role models in which these teens can confide. Later on, we will expand the problem to establish individual and family counseling to help reconcile students with their families.

Advocacy Project

Homeless Haven Group Eleven


  • Contact the superintendent and high school principals of WISD asking for approval and support to host our program at their campuses.
  • Post flyers around college campuses recruiting student volunteers and contact professors in the School of Education and Social Work/Humanities.
  • Place posters (shown below) around high school campuses advertising the program and advertise on school newsletters.
  • Contact local stores (such as HEB) and food banks, asking for snacks and other donations
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  • Less than 25% of these teens graduate from high school
  • 2/3 of them have one or more parent abusing drugs and alcohol
  • 34% – Physical, mental or sexual abuse
  • 34% – Fighting frequently with parents
  • 31% – Kicked out of home
  • 26% – Neglect, parent not meeting basic needs
  • 20% – Not willing to live by parents’ rules
  • 20% – Parents’ use of drugs or alcohol

Take Action

You can...

  • Volunteer
  • Donate food and/or supplies
  • Spread the word
  • Follow us on our social media (Facebook, Instagram)

State Level

  • Write to state officials (such as Greg Abbott), inviting them to follow our social media campaign and show support

National Level

  • Social Media

What We Learned