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November News

Curriculum Connections

The Grade Three team of teachers (Mrs. Frost Hunter, Ms. McKoy & Ms. Manley) are working together to prepare for our upcoming unit on Early Settlements in Upper Canada in Social Studies. As we transition into this unit of study, students are asked to complete a small homework assignment to discover more about the history of their families. The first part of this project will require parental support as students record names, places and interesting facts about their families. Once the background work is complete, students will be learning how access and use "Prezi" to create a visual documentation of their family trees. Time will be provided at school apply this computer application. (Watch for a "homework" package that will outline the expectations)

In Language, students will continue to read a variety of literary texts such as poetry, chapter books, adventure stories and informational texts. Students continue to apply their knowledge of reading comprehension strategies to support their interpretation of various texts. A focus on making meaningful connections to familiar texts and to the world around them will continue throughout November. Kindree kids will be writing short texts using a variety of forms for many purposes and audiences. Parents are encouraged to listen to their child read aloud to build fluency skills. As well, parents can engage in conversations about what has been read to build comprehension skills.

In Math, the focus will be for students to solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers, using a variety of mental strategies. Currently, students are learning how to identify, extend and create repeating patterns involving two attributes such as size, colour, orientation and numbers. Grade Three students continue to learn how to read, describe and interpret data presented in charts and graphs. Parents can support this learning by finding daily applications of number skills.

Parents who may be looking for more ideas on how to support their child's learning can access the Ontario Ministry of Education's website at:

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October Read Alouds


Monday, November 11th, 2013

Field Trip to Country Heritage Park

My Family Tree & Ancestors Assignment

Students are reminded to work on their homework assignment which will be due in two weeks. This work will be the foundational piece to the Prezi presentations.

Stop by the Library - Scholastic Book Fair

Scheduled Interviews

Parents will be receiving the Progress Report Card on Tuesday, November 5th. Each family has been assigned a designated interview time to meet and discuss their child's progress with the classroom teacher. Interviews will take place on Thursday, November 7th in the evening and during the morning of Friday, November 8th, 2013. If you are unable to attend the scheduled interview time, please contact the school directly.