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Good Morning!!

I don't know about you all, but I have plenty of shopping, baking, and making to do this weekend. Fingers crossed there's time for rest and relaxation!!

It's been another busy week - and I know next week will be the same. Kiddos (and their teacher) are super excited about the holidays, so I've tried hard to tap into that excitement to further engage their little minds. We've read holiday stories. A lot of our kindness challenges have included a writing component, which involved our sight words. Math has revolved around patterning, counting, and numbers.

I will say, this whole kindness thing has been so sweet to watch. Not like your kiddos weren't already kind, but it just goes to show, when you intentionally teach or do something, they are sponges! The words being used are thoughtful. Their actions have been so helpful. They are stopping and thinking about one another before acting. I'm excited for our Kindness Celebration!

Lots of fun things coming up in our schedule, so please be sure to check out the dates below!


Dec 16th - GNG High School Choir performs for Memorial School

Dec 17th - Baking with Mrs. Skilling


Dec 18th - Kindness Celebration

Dec 22nd - PAJAMA DAY/We're Going to the North Pole Day

Dec 22nd - GNG Middle School Chamber Singers serenade Memorial

Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd - NO SCHOOL

Jan 13th - Early Release (Dismissal 1pm)

Jan 14th - Kindergarten works with Outdoor Classroom Staff

Jan 18th - NO SCHOOL - MLK Jr. Day

Jan 22nd - NO SCHOOL




Memorial School met its goal and collected 112 toys for the Caring Communities of Gray – New Gloucester Holiday Assistance Program. Thank you so very much to the families who generously donated toys to the drive. We are confident that many families in our community will have a brighter holiday because of the generosity of Memorial School families and staff. Thank you!


Joey kept us on our toes this week leaving letters and magic everywhere he went. He somehow caught wind of our random acts of kindness work and has left us challenges each day. We have complimented friends, we have left special notes for people, we made cards for Miss Cloie letting her know why we adore her, we have invited new friends to play with us, we have told people why they rock, and we made snowflakes and put them around Memorial School. Stockings are being filled like crazy and I'm pretty sure Joey is so incredibly proud of all the hard work he's been seeing!
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Serenity, Zoe, and Ellie all received someone's HIGH FIVE and a "You Rock" compliment this week!



This week Miss Madalyn was in the spotlight! We learned about her special cow stuffie, her family, and we even got to meet her mom! Read on to learn a bit more about our sweet, kind-hearted friend.

Full Name: Madalyn Maria Patrick

Madalyn has one brother named Mason and zero sisters. Her favorite color is purple. She enjoys playing outside, Zumba, and coloring. When Madalyn grows up, she wants to be a teacher! Her favorite thing to do in kindergarten is play with her friends. Madalyn believes she is good at following rules and learning.

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Joey also brought ornaments for us to decorate and hang in the hallway. He told us he loves patterns, lots of colors, sparkles, and designs. We could tell he visited our ornaments in the hallway because his gold magic trail led out in front of this bulletin board!

Holiday Around the World

Over the next week, we will learn about different holiday traditions and holiday stories from countries around the world. This week we read the story by Tomie dePaola called The Legend of the Poinsettia. We all see those beautiful red flowers out and about this time of year; some of us may even have them in our homes (but keep them away from pets - the petals are poisonous!) Kiddos got to make their own poinsettia, which Joey, our sneaky little elf, added his touch of gold magic to each flower while we were away at PE.

Reindeer Directed Drawing

It was time for our turkeys to come down and for more festive artwork to be put up in our classroom. This week we worked hard on another directed drawing project. The kiddos did such great job working hard on this project. We used watercolors for the background and cray-pas for the reindeer. We will add writing to our reindeers next week!
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MONDAY - Brandon

TUESDAY - Olivia



FRIDAY - Gabriel

The Bat Cave

Our PE Teacher, Ms. Croteau, had to share this photo with me. The kiddos have been learning about and practicing using our rock wall. Ms. Croteau has shared with me in the past how much she loves whenever she asks a question, our superheroes raise their hands and cover their mouths (a little trick to help prevent the "erupting volcano"). It just cracks her up!