Technology For Safer Driving!

Making driving safe in many ways

New Technology to come in cars

Some automotive experts say that cars will virtually drive themselves some day.

Cars are Predicted to Drive Themselves in the Future

Technology isn't there yet but soon cars will be able to drive themselves. Scientist are working on the project and are making progress.

AR Cueing

One such system, called “augmented reality” (AR) cueing, works by superimposing a bright, yellow box around road signs and potential hazards as they appear in the windshield. It’s similar to a conventional “heads-up” windshield display, except that the system uses a computer-generated yellow highlight marker to attract the driver’s attention.

Examples of AR in everyday use are all around us, according to University of Iowa researcher Mark Schall, a doctoral student studying mechanical and industrial engineering in College.

Results of our study showed definite promise for AR cuing,” says Schall. Specifically, we observed that AR cues helped drivers detect and respond more often and quickly to roadway objects that may be difficult to see while driving, such as a pedestrian alongside the roadway. In addition, AR cues did not impair ability to complete other driving tasks such as maintaining a safe distance behind a lead vehicle.

Make the World a Better Place

We are trying to make the world a better place and prevent accidents in ever which way. Saving lives matter!
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