Eating disorder

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Eating disorder facts

- People with an eating disorder often struggle with their body image which disrupt their normal activities.

- Eating disorders can be genetic or caused by issues with their physiology like family trouble, control issues, social issues, etc.

- About 24 million people in the u.s. struggle with an eating disorder.

- Out of those 24 million people only about 10% receive treatment, and only 35% seek treatment from a facility that specializes in eating disorders.

- From a survey a college conducted 91% of the women said they would diet to control their weight.

- Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate out of any of the mental illnesses.

- More than 50% of girls and 33% of boys have admitted to using unhealthy ways of losing weight such as smoking, skipping meals, etc.

- 58% of women feel pressured to maintain a certain weight, most likely more.

- Men feel ashamed to admit they have an eating disorder because its not associated with men but they make up 10-15% of the people who have eating disorders.

- 69% of girls admitted photographs of models and people on magazines inspire their desired body shape.

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