Tobacco is Dangerous

By Kori McClure

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The Dangers of Tobacco

Do you know what happens to people who use tobacco? If not we'll tell you. There are harmful consequences. There are two types of tobacco such as smoke and smokeless.There is something in them called nicotine.Nicotine is a drug that is very addictive and can speed up your heat rate and can cause heart problems.If you smoke you can end up having very bad breath and can get lung cancer,many people have died from having lung cancer.if you use chew tobacco then you could get Gingivitis.Your teeth can also rot to and it's not very pretty.Many many many people have died from lung cancer.please don't use tobacco.
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Lung Cancer

As you can see in the pic up above the pink lungs is healthy lungs that your born with and the black one is unhealthy its covered with black tar. You can get Oral cancer and Lung cancer.Lung cancer is very dangerous you could get very sick and could end up dying. Your lungs get covered with a black tar then it very hard to breath.You can get lung cancer even with out smoking if you breath in the smoke from other smokers then you can get lung cancer witch is called second hand smoke. so stay away from smokers.
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Social Consequences

If you have gingivitis and you go talk to some one and your teeth are very ugly do you think people would talk to you? Your breath will be very bad no one will want to be around you and you'll louse most of your friends and you'll be all alone.Your clothes will stink to.You wont be invited to things any more to you could lose everything.
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Physical Consequences

If you use tobacco lots of bad stuff can happen to you like lung cancer,oral cancer,bad breath,tooth decay,gingivitis,stomach problems,it can damage your jaw,lips,and tongue. As you can see there are lots of consequences and more nothing good comes out of using tobacco so DON'T use it.