Hundred Days Offensive

95 Days to End The War: by Hunter and Joe

Intro to the Battle

-The Hundred Days Offensive took place from July 18th, 1918, to November 11th, 1918. Although the title says 100 days, the battle was only 95 days long.

-The battle took place in the Western Front, and was fought by The Allied Forces, and The Central Powers.

Allied Forces: Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and U.S.

Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman-Empire, and Bulgaria.

Summary of Campaign

With the Russians out of war the Germans could focus their attacks on the western front by attacking the weak points drove deep into France. shortages of fresh troops and a lack of food stopped the German advance. while the Germans were waiting for supplies the french gathered soldiers and artillery for their retaliation. taking the Germans by surprise they were able to take back 13 KMS in a single day. The Germans were pushed back and did anything to slow down the french forces by destroying bridges,factories, and towns.During the initial German attack in March, the plan was to divide the Canadian troops amongst the other troops, however General Currie opposed this plan. With his resistance Canada’s offensives during the “Hundred Day Wars” were among the most successful of all the Allied forces. During September and October the Canadians were ahead of the British, French and American troops. The Canadians broke through the Germans Hindenberg Line defenses. They won battles at Arras, Cambrai, and Valenciennes. They also captured more territory, prisoners, and equipment than the American forces who were six times bigger. The Canadians defeated one quarter of Germany's army. At 11:00 am on November 11, 1918, an armistice was signed, and the fighting ended.

Battle Information


Allied: Ferdinand Foch

British: Douglas Haig

American: John J. Pershing

German: Erich Ludendorff

Australian: John Monash


-Allied Forces casualties: 700,000

-British casualties: 300,000

-French: 279,000

-U.S: 130,000

-German: 760,000


The Allied Powers were the victors of the final battle of WW1

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