My Day With Bill Gates

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My Day With Bill Gates

Have you ever wanted to spend a day with a famous person such as Bill Gates? One day I woke up not in the best mood I had felt very sad and grumpy. So one day I decided to buy a new video game that I wanted so bad. But once I saw a famous person that I knew at that moment my day had changed forever.

I had seen the one and only Bill Gates and he told me that I could spend the whole day with him. He saw that I felt sad and grumpy so he decided to buy the game that I wanted and a brand new Xbox One. Once I saw my new game and Xbox I felt super excited. So after that we decided to start having even more fun.

Later on that day when went in his car and drove around to many different places. We saw a brand new mansion that my family and I wanted to get but it was too much. The house was about $1,000,000 and I was sad but Bill Gates decided to buy the house for us. It was super fun in the house it had a pool, game area, and etc. It was the best thing ever that had happened so far. Another thing is that we were ready to go have even more fun.

At that moment I thought that the day wouldn't get any better. But there were no cars in the garage and he said “Wanna get some cars for your garage?” and then I said “Yes!”. We went to the dealership and he bought me the cars of my dreams a Lamborghini Aventador and a La Ferrari. Which both of the cars were convertible. Together both of the cars had cost probably about $3,000,000. I had no phone so that I can get in contact with my family and friends and shortly after he decides to buy me the brand new I phone 6. Then he made my day even better he decided to buy our family another house.

After that he decided to take me to Universal Studios Hollywood to go on the rollercoasters. We had so much fun we went on all the rides and visited all of the stores. Later on after that we went back to my new house and then played Fifa 15 for about 3 hours. I played as Barcelona and saw my favorite player Messi I wanted to meet him so badly. We had heard that one of his games was in Riverside. Then we went to the game and I had gotten the chance to meet him. After the game we had decided to go back home and decided what we were gonna do the next day.

Later on he gets a call and then he had to leave. At that moment I had felt super sad and watched TV for like a week. I had wished that I could've have spent more time with him. But then the following month I get a call from a mysterious person.