"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 11-14-14

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Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Yee-Haws to:

To the Entire Staff - It was so great to show all of the great learning during today's walkthrough! Some of the observations that were shared: Objectives are posted and students know what they are learning, Respect is "popping" amongst students and staff, Classrooms are so warm, academic, and welcoming, positive school climate with a small school feel, Common Core shifts are everywhere with math, writing, and reading, student engagement and collaboration with students doing the work, a deepening of concepts from grade level to grade level that can only be done when there is consistency and collaboration amongst grade level teams, confident and happy students, high level vocabulary being taught and used, walls are used to reinforce learning with a lot of co-created materials, great real-world application in all subject areas. Inspiring!!!

Thank you Terry Decker, Matt Frumovitz, Lisa Ryder, Lisa Denham, and Rebecca Nobriga for joining our school today and seeing Hawk P.R.I.D.E. in action.

  • Jordan for hosting a great baby shower. Thank you Kimberly for organizing(!), and everyone for contributing and attending. What a fun and supportive staff!
  • Thank you to the Sharpen the Saw Committee (Ellen, Kim, Terry, Jojo, Neva, Shaina) for meeting on Wednesday to plan our holiday party.
  • Katy A. for aligning Treasures weekly assessments that align to the CC standards in 3rd grade. We have the best TOSAs!
  • Thank you to our School Site Council for attending on Thursday AM - Rob, Brittany, Ellen, Shiela, Carrie, Lindsay, and Dawn
  • Samantha and Nina from our Preschool Program for becoming permanent employees!
  • Thank you Robyn for helping to spread gratitude amongst our students at lunch on Friday as a part of our Mix-it-Up activities.
  • Dawn, Jojo, Samantha (from preschool), Stephanie, and our entire Discovery Lab team for meeting on Wednesday and "Envisioning" goals for our Discovery Lab.
  • Julie N. and Stephanie A. for facilitating a great Envision Team Planning meeting for the district. Great things are happening as a result of their leadership and hard work, collaboration, and creativity at the sites.

  • Dawn, Kimberly McSherry and our school Newspaper Crew for creating a great school newspaper - "Call of the Hawk"
  • Robyn for organizing a gratitude station at lunch today! We have so much to be grateful for!
  • Caroline, Victor, Cesar, John for working to get our trees and bushes and other landscaping issues fixed and replaced. We are so thankful for you and all of your time.
  • To Neva, our Leadership Council, and our 6th grade students who spent last Wednesday morning collecting all shoes from around the school, tied all of their laces or rubber banded all pairs of shoes, and counted over 420 pairs of shoes! The shoes were delivered to the founder of Donate Your Old Shoes and are now off to people who need them. Thank you to everyone who brought in shoes! In another show of leadership, Solana Ranch students collected 277 lbs. of candy and wrote over 340 thank you letters that are being sent over to our troops as part of Operation Gratitude. Our students are making a big difference not just at school, but also in their community and in the world!
  • Every single week (even when we only have school for 3 days), there are so many amazing contributions and acts of caring that each of you do. As Rob shared at his baby shower, everyone makes "coming to work fun." Thank you Solana Ranch staff.

Another Great week at the Ranch! Go Hawks!

Put First Things First

  • 3-in-1 Drill on Tuesday
  • All certificated staff take the Speak Up Survey in lieu of a staff meeting. Link on front of our website. 100% participation please.
  • Website Edits - Please have done by Friday. Everything we do communicates excellence!
  • iVIE Awards if Interested - https://ivieawards.sdcoe.net/

Begin With the End in Mind (Formally known as "Education Corner")

This graphic that Julie shared with me could be entitled, "The Profile of the Solana Ranch Teacher."
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Who Am I?

  • I have visited over half of the states
  • I have never left the United States
  • I love to star gaze and find constellations
  • I enjoy attending all sorts of museums and historical places
  • I was hit by a car when I was 4 but walked away with some scrapes and bruises

  • Answer: Tianne Watson

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Congratulation Rob and Brittany!