Natural Wart Removal Cream

Hi there. I am a wart freshly attached to your skin. Your skin which is so smooth and nourishing is so welcoming both to my appetite and my desire. You consider me as a parasite? Oh no I am not a parasite; rather only an appendage to your skin. You should be happy with me as although I get nourishment from your skin and seek shelter here, but I do not cause you any lasting harm. Kindly be a hospitable host to me as such a chance may not come to you again for displaying your quality of charity, hospitality and kindness.what is havana?

I do not understand why people are so shifty with us home remedy for warts all the time. What harm have we innocent creatures of mere viral particles caused to humankind besides just posing as extra additions of adornment to the general framework of your bodies created by the Almighty. I just hope that people may feel some gratitude for us one day. We give our services for free without demanding any material gain in return. The only thing we demand is true companionship plus sympathy for our sorry plight. We are unable to exist on our own so you humans should be kind enough to provide for our sustenance.