Amazon Cut Down Is Destroying Life!

Many Unique Species Are Losing Their Lives To The Cut Down.

By Sebastian K. Catanzarite

What Will You Do To Protect The Amazon?

Brazil, The 5th largest country in the world. Powerful and strong in size. Brazil is home to one of the biggest forests in the world, The Amazon Rainforest. Which is being cut down without anybody doing anything about it. Will you do something about by donating $10 or stand by and watch the biggest forest in the world get destroyed? The choice is yours.

Why Will The Deforestation Of The Amazon Be A Problem?

It will be a problem because not only could it affect Brazil's weather and climate but can kill thousands of unique species. And people could lose their biggest tourist attraction in the country! So don't be a bystander! Be An A.I.Der!

Will You Help Decide The Fate Of The Amazon?

The Amazon Rainforest, home to many unique, evolved species and what do we do to it? We cut it down. Those species will soon become extinct if we don't do anything about it. So who will you join? The Bystanders, Or The Helpers? The choice is yours.

What Will A.I.D (Amazon In Danger) Do To Help?

A.I.D will help by using the funds given to create a foundation. And that foundation will try to turn the Amazon Rainforest into a national/international park.

What Will Money Do To Help?

What Will My Solution Be?

My solution for this problem would be create a foundation to attempt to turn the Amazon Rainforest into a national/international park. The foundations name would be A.I.D (Amazon In Danger)

Money Donations Will Help By...

The $10 donation could eventually become $10,000,000,000. And with this money I will create a foundation about turning the Amazon Rainforest into a national park. And by turning it into a park it would be illegal to cut it down
Percentage Rates For The Amazon In The Past Years.

This Will Lead You To The Amazon Percentage Rates For How Much Of The Amazon Rainforest Has Been Cut Down.

About Me. :)

Even though I'm only 12 years old, I hope that I can try to save the Amazon Rainforest from being cut down because if we cut it down; thousands upon thousands of already endangered species will become extinct. So by taking action I will attempt to turn the Amazon Rainforest into a national/international park. So will you join me? Or will you become a Bystander, not to be remembered of saving one of the biggest forests in the world?
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Come On, You Know You Want To.

Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
Big image

Amazon Deforestation Photo

Above this is a picture of what used to be the Amazon Rainforest. Without the Amazon Brazil's climate and weather could be greatly affected. Cutting it down will kill thousands upon thousands of species that are endangered those species will become extinct. So who are you? A Bystander, Or An A.I.Der? The choice is yours.
Nasa Observatory Sights Of The Amazon

Amazon Deforestation Info.

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