Causes of the American Revolution

Jamie Anagnos 1763-1774

The American Revolution was when the 13 colonies were against Britain, because of all of the laws/acts that were made. Some social causes of the war was that Britain basically seperated from the colonies and made them go independent. Economic policies that Britain made was the trading was different and everything had to go to the first. The colonists were not justified at all really during the war, they didn't have a say in anything that was going on.

The Navigation Acts

The Navigation Acts was when they mother country started to use the method of mercantilism. There were rules used for tradeing such as they could only trade using English ships. If they wanted to trade outside of England they first had to go to England and last if they wanted to ship certain items it had to be within there trade routes. Then the Sugar Act in 1733 made colonist only allowed to buy sugar from the British West Indies. After that, Parliament made the Currency Act in 1764. The currency act was when the colonies could only get money through trading only for Britain.
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The proclamation of 1763

This was after the French and Indian war and King George III made a proclamation for the colonists to not pass land over the Appalacian mountains. He did this because the Indians were trying to fight the British and they were called Pontiac's Rebelion. The king didn't want them to pass that boundary because they would fight with the Indians and just cost them more money and men. It made the colonists mad, because they had just fought really hard for that land and once they finally got it they weren't allowed to go settle on it.
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The Stamp Act

In the year 1765 Parliament made the Stamp Act. This act taxed any paper that didn't have the stamp on it. They did this to try and pay of their debt from the French and Indian war. The colonist didn't like this because it made them pay more money when they used paper. In return, Sam Adams made the Comittees off Correspondence. It was a group of colonists that would send messages by mail to other colonies about the taxes on paper asking them how they can rebel against it. They used the method of boycotting which was people just not buying the paper anymore. Sam Adams also made the Sons of Liberty which was the same thing but there method of rebelling was usually using violence to get there message across. In 1765 some colonies met up in New York and sent a letter to King George III asking to repeal the act. King George III had no other choice and repealed the act.
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The Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was in 1765. This was a time when British Parliament sent British soldiers over and made the colonists let them in there homes for free. The colonists hated this because they didn't have any word in it and it cost them money because they had to feed them. Then there was the Writs of assistance where the soldiers could search their homes without a search warrant. This caused even more tension between the colonies and Britain.
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The Townshend Acts

The Townshend Acts was in 1767. This act caused colonists to pay taxes for goods such as tea, paper, and glass. Parliament made them do this because of the quartering act costs. The colonists just stopped buying the goods. Then the Daughters of Liberty, a group of women, started making their own clothing. They eventually repealed the act but kept the taxes on the tea. The Sons of Loberty were still mad so they continued using violence. They attacked the British soldiers and the tax collectors. In return, Britain sent more soldiers.
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The Boston Massacre

On March 5,1770 one colonist was arguing to a British soldier. A crowd grew around them and it turned into a riot. The colonist started to throw snowballs at them and insulting them. As more soldiers came they mob began to get louder. One of the soldiers shot and killed a boy and four more shots were fired killing four more people. Samuel Adams helped spread the news of the massacre. On the other hand, his cousin, John Adams helped defend the soldiers.
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The Tea Act

The Tea Act was in 1773. Parliament made this act that made all the colonists buy tea only from the British East India Company. Even though this tea was cheaper, they had to pay import taxes to Britain without a say. The colonists were so mad that the merchants didn't want to sell the tea to anyone and didn't want to unload the cartridges of tea from the ships. The Daughters of Liberty started to make there own tea in order to save money.
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The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea party was during the tea act. The Sons of Liberty dressed up as American Indians and got on the ships with tea and dumped them all over board. There were 342 crates of tea dumped into the harbor.
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The Coercive Acts (Intolerable)

In 1774, the Prime Minister Lord North made Parliament pass this law. The government was very mad at what happened during the Boston Tea Party. The colonists called this act the Intolerable Acts, because they thought they were very harsh. The law made all trading not allowed between Britain and Boston. They weren't allowed to have town meetings and Britain strengthened the Quartering Acts. This effected the colonies because they couldn't trade for goods.
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